Darktiste Sketchbook
Glad to see your experimenting, I recommend drawing those characters you are making in a 3/4 view pose to get more depth out of them.
Yes thank Demon i am working exactly toward that direction i revised some proportion this weak and played with more different body shape.So here what i did i studied world of warcraft race to add a more broad range of proportion to extend the richness range of character making ablity and i also studied the reilly method because i felt that i was more working from reference than a sense of knowing why everything fall where it fall making me rely to much on grid and head measurement so i tried to get more mileage there.Next is going to probably be the reilly method for the back and the 3/4 view i was also thinking about studying other artist to stay away from static pose for me it still hard to use the body to help tell the story and personality.I been to focus on turn around.I am thinking about doing some volume study of the body also later.I am Trying to be less diverse in my study and more focus on certain topic will probably be beneficial for me.

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