smrr's CC I: House Negrea
The thinnng is awesommm

dootrha -  no you're awesommmmmmmmm

BrushNoir - <3 D:

Amit Dutta - ahahahaha nah that's so effin' true - definitely broken me down lik damn. hopefully rendering will be a breeze <3 thanks man, also, ooh that beetle idea doe

Elderscroller -  aaaaaah <3 thank you! I agree with P as well

Piotr Jasielski - spot on man! thank you thank you <3


quick update
Legit had nightmares about her face, not even kidding. I was being chased by awkward-angle-face warrior chick and she had a bunch of wonky jeebus' as her cronies...
Needless to say,. I woke up and changed the shit outta her face. I feel less peeved about it now.

Back to getting my arse kicked o/

That's a tough angle. Very ambitious. Maybe someday I can be bold like that. Seriously looking good though. It's probably just me not understanding the perspective, but the torso looks a bit elongated? Or maybe it has something to do with her feet being hidden.
Hey, Phany! That angles a bitch. Maybe this will be helpful?

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Adam Lina - [/size]Aah, Adem - remembering the nickname that bugs me most since 1994 lmao
cheers! Yeah I get that I effed the low-angle shot. Poor planning on my behalf. Also the fact that it's 3-point persp. Ahahahaaaaaa -- can't wait to study my bum off after the crucible o_o

Legion Brewer -  
Perhaps too ambitious for my current skill level :D hmm, I personally don't see it, but I'm sure many people see it the way you do!


Flat colours, shadow indication
and still cleaning up my lines jayzus man. 

So much to do, so little time.

Great work! I had fun looking for beetles on your piece! 
Isn't this element on the hand going to be some kind of a beetle head?
[Image: a0ae0af121.jpg]
Good luck with finishing your piece!

Im proud of you Smrr, you really push yourself and take on personal challenges of stuff thats out of your comfort zone. I got a feeling if you really perservere and go nuts with rendering and bringing out forms in the light you can bring this piece to Mtg or Applibot level of quality.


70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
yeah, really nice linework! your perspective studies are also paying off already, great!

wow sick stuff, gogogo finnniiissshhh it :D

Yay! Looking good and nice choice of colors! You can do it, still a few hours left!!

Wooooah so much lav in the end, thank you guys <3 <3

@neopatogen: Keen eyes, neo haha, yeah it was gonna be n_n


Closing thoughts on the piece:

came out great smrr, loving all the detail and color... I like your style a lot... great job

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