Having a decent day with enough energy has been a rare thing this year..

anyway here's my latest thing.
for the October Proko challenge
Jumped in because it seemed like a fun one and I like E.M.Gist's work
so might be cook to get some feedback from the man if it makes the video
[Image: de6fnzq-de0c46d9-efe9-40f9-b963-8a445879...--ruJjfiv0]
and since it's the sketchbook section here's some of the working up
After browsing the provided reference images this composition came to mind immediately and I just ran with it

[Image: proko_zombie_challengestages_by_andrew_g...a3FJIPn2sc]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Nice work with the Zombies, love the variety of figures and expressions, very well done!

Thank CG!

So I got 2nd place in a Proko Challenge again  Shock
Was kinda hoping for 1st cos I wanted the sketch from the Judge E.M.Gist, his work is great
but 2nd is still something and I'm quite used to getting 2nd place in my life, for the most part that's ok
I don't I've ever been that naturally competitive.. but I digress

[Image: de82vqi-8bd89c57-55ff-4bf9-9c59-8a2830ac...GvAz31Avc0]

also got my 2nd daily deviation for this piece

[Image: de82vrh-79e6416e-b41a-4e33-9f22-ad528a75...j6I5xgwGcs]

When so few people around you understand what you do for a living and as a result don't end up showing much support, sometimes the little milestones and such help you through a bit.

I've been fairly busy with client work,
quite a mix of small to medium jobs, couple sizable ones
few logo designs and more vector based stuff
Some pencil portraiture, book images and a tattoo design are on the list at the moment

Here's some commissioned images I did a little while ago that I'm ok to share now.

[Image: de82wrg-485cc15a-72c2-40a4-846d-445d62fc..._qw96TP6P4]

Have been doing some mentoring
here's a new students portrait progression in one month
He's doing well, will hopefully get him leveling up strong in a far shorter time than it takes when I was trying to work it all out on my own.

[Image: screenshot_2020_10_22_002022_by_andrew_g..._qrRsBR5cA]

I'm turning 33 this month  Party
I'm tired

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Congratulations on the second place as well as on the Daily Deviation! I still dream of getting one of those one day! May end up to be just a pipe dream! :)

Also, happy early birthday! I really dig your sketchbook! Lots of cool stuff in here!

I really love the Proko-zombie piece, the level of detail in it is insane. Congratulations on winning 2nd place on it!! Even though you didn't get the sketch, receiving an hour long mentorship for it is an exciting prize all the same (perhaps even more useful haha).

And a big ol early happy birthday, Andrew!!! I hope you have a great day when it comes around

Sketchbook // Insta 

And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea
yea, you really knocked that one out of the park! congrats man! Happy bday when it comes : )

Hey, thank you guys!

If you just keep working on improving the quality of your work, lots of things follow before you know it. Don't count yourself out. You gotta believe in yourself first when it comes to this stuff.

you're right, the mentoring session might be good.
I've just been on a small originals and prints collecting tip and was hoping to add to it but it's all good  Thumbs_up

Thankyou, man doing art is frustrating but I love it..

Here's a couple recentish things.
a pencil portrait I did from some just ok photo reference,
was a bit of a challenge.
I bought some decent paper today to prepare for doing some long form pencil renderings and gouache painting
want to see how much the expensive stuff changes the experience and result. 

[Image: de8b3og-57732919-7d02-4b84-abde-069b560e...h1LOaH_BR4]

and here's a Dark Souls 3 piece I started months ago and I don't think I've shared yet.
Was trying out drawing in clip studio
think I'm gonna bring it over to Photoshop and paint it up whenever I get around to that..
So many projects waiting for the space and time to complete them...

[Image: de8b3r1-d01c5963-cc33-4f41-b380-6dea1998..._0hldQBSAY]

Some of the recent client work has been kinda fun stuff though. thankful for that and hope that trend continues.

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
That Dark Souls piece is amazing, I can't wait to see that painted! Looking through your sketchbook is making me want to kick myself into gear, haha

(11-24-2020, 09:08 AM)leviktt Wrote: That Dark Souls piece is amazing, I can't wait to see that painted! Looking through your sketchbook is making me want to kick myself into gear, haha

thank you, if my work is motivating I'm happy about that~
I'll try to make the dark souls piece into something decent.

I'm spread a bit thin at the moment, so many pieces to work on.

Here's an early work in progress for an Oni portrait
I'm mentoring a guy, and this is one of the projects I've got him on, but I'm also doing it at the same time for fun

[Image: de9c8w8-ecbe3949-268a-421b-9627-8255aa80...6vT3VcCViY]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
and 5 hours later I'm back

and at least for the moment, done with this

[Image: de9crpd-f2b84fa2-b26a-4b7f-b69e-87243fbf...xORNqJFwFY]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Awesome work as always man - your rendering really blows me away - on the zombie piece, I love how you rendered some of the faces to a photo realistic finish but left the peripheral characters in a looser finish.

Good to have you on the forum sharing your time and knowledge with us dude - thank you.

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CD Sketchbook

Great work on the recent illustrations! The 'Dark Souls' piece is ridiculously good in terms of line work, striking detail with an excellent composition! The One came out great as well, really solidly drawn with some great choices in colors and lighting. Keep it going! :)


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