BLOODSPORT 14- BeastMasters!
The level of work here is astounding, great job everybody.
I'm not sure I can make it. Here's where I'm at.

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hey marcus nice work man!, hope u can make it!

here is another update i think the last one before i finnish it!

[Image: schermafbeelding2013040f.png]


Linework of the 2 illustrations, 48 hours to paint them D:

[Image: complineart3.jpg]

Here is the finished card...

A Witch who despised the society she lived in decided to separate herself from humanity. She went on a journey to capture a dragon baby in order to obtain a dragon hart, thus she was not strong enough to kill a fully grown dragon. By means of using black magic she replaced her own human hart with the dragons. She obtained the possibility to use a dragons power to the full potential thus she became a Beast Master...

[Image: Card-1-14.jpg]
[Image: Card-2-14.jpg]

And there's my card humanoïd form.

I'll do my best to have the other version ready.

OK - was focused on completing work for the Exposé 11 submission deadline - really interesting entries since last I posted. It'll be fun to see what more this 48 hour marathon brings!

My previous post showed a bunch of roughs for potential match up between base and advanced card. This is a different match up to the ones I posted, but with a few mods I think this is gonna work!

From here on in I'll be focused on working these up (including a few posing adjustments) and doing studies for appropriate elements.

Crits away - gonna be painting day and night and day and night!

PS - colours not final, just wanted something dramatic. I felt these two
A-showcased the critical armour elements well
B-placed emphasis on the transformation/medallion concept (playing with an energy aura around the character in the base card)
C-had a good visual/concept link between the two - semi continuation of action and similar background comp

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So its been a few days since I last posted any WIPs, (partly due to a lighting strike knocking out my modem, meaning I'm posting via a borrowed laptop until I can get a replacement...) but I've been busy working on my entry (entries?) in the meantime.

Starting to look like something now!
Been working on them in tandem, but I decided that I hated the composition on the beast form's pic so I started over, hence it being a bit less finished. Think I'm still on track to make the deadline though!
[Image: workingonfinalforhumanform.png]
[Image: workingonfinalforbeastform.png]

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you guys make awesome shitt!:D

[Image: humanvormversion2.jpg]

Here are my two illustrations so far, only have tomorrow evening to finish them! Eak!!!


friggin LOVING all the entries in here, holy smack! found out about this one during my critique so im way late to the party, but here's a couple sketches for the idea of "a knight turning into a lion riding a lion motorcycle"

again im geekin out over all the pics here :D

Coming along pretty shitty due to lack of planning and studies, but fuck it. This image will be a reminder of what not to do next time.

he's looking like a cross eyed Freddy Krueger:

studies before I begin. I love steve huston and jim murray so I decided why not try to get something out of what they do. Over everything I really learned more about negative space in hutsons work. I never took into consideration that the strokes around the character can really help make things pop

I also really hope these aren't destroyed in the format I saved them because my dam computer is displaying them super dark as JPEG and PNG

Jim murray

steve huston

EDIT: tonights work
first image sketch

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We can do it!!!

New wips of both illustrations....still a lot to do and I'm so slow omg D:

[Image: wip2.jpg]

Just one final push guys, lets do this!

Some super shitty sketches for the early idea of the beast form.

And the current wip, still i will probably change a lot of things.

Also, i almost forgot to post this!

here is the glorious leader with my card xD

Browsing through these pages gave me headache:) and gave me motivation...
Great Job!

Here are my studies and almost finished human form

Here are my finals :p

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Awesome work everybody, this is going to be hard. Super quick color on my new human pose...I´m afraid I´m not going to make it...but I´m not giving up!
Keep drawing!

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Oh Lord, I want to finish this time!!
So many awesome stuff... you rock people!

I studied some statues to improve my armor details and design. I learned a lot and did some major changes to my characters!!

[Image: harpia_face.jpg]

[Image: griffinStatueStudy.jpg]
[Image: griffinSculptureWings.jpg]
[Image: estatuaGrifoVerde_breastplate.jpg]

And here is how I am with my Griffin characters!
[Image: Both_Griffin3.jpg]


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