BLOODSPORT 14- BeastMasters!
New update on my work...and still without background!

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Here are my 2 Images, completely unsatisfied with second one, but i have no time left to work on it:

[Image: ZARdM3Z.jpg]

[Image: JMVGS0T.jpg]
Here all my Bloodsport 14 stuff: Second card (beast form) i started to draw yesterday so i waste on it much less time.

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Here is mine, hopefully i can finish it today

[Image: tp1_zps90494f64.jpg]
Last wip before i finish, if you go and check and SB, you will see that i have little to zero experience with this monster stuff, so i was a little nervous about this one, but in the end i´m having so much fun.
Also, damn feathers.

need a brake...:-) here´s my WIP

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final concepts and final rough comps of the human and dragon-dude beast.
now onto the final!

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So this I think is as far as I go on this one for now. Better to work up the advance dcard to this point as well - then polish them up simultaneously. Plus I want to get a couple armour studies in first :)

Top cards are the current working file (not sure which orientation is best :P) - with option A being a slight composition adjustment/rotation - and B same placement as the original with a shifted right side leg. I think I still like the top right card best - thoughts crits?

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Heres everything I got. Had a blast doing it, and you all seemed to really step up your game so this was just a great experience for us all! Keep em coming!

[Image: BeastMaster_Lion_Form2.png]
[Image: BeastMaster_Lion_Form1.png]
[Image: BS14_Studies.png]

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Awesome work everyone. Heres my attempt.

[Image: sl___studies_comp_by_moonskinned-d60fz80.jpg]

[Image: sl___poses_by_moonskinned-d60fz88.jpg]

[Image: sl___bat_beast_form_by_moonskinned-d60fz8s.jpg]

[Image: sl___lady_crimson_form_by_moonskinned-d60fz8o.jpg]

[Image: sl___lady_crimson_by_moonskinned-d60fz8k.jpg]

I´m done with this, just too tired to continue, still kinda satisfied with the result.
Doesnt, matter i will try to do better in the next one.

Here is the final for the advanced card, a foul form created by dark magic and profane rituals, the beastmaster Aenul tried to adopt the form of the ancient dragons, but dark magic is not so easy to control, and his body ended up severely deformed.

and with the legend of the cryptids template, crappy resolution.

Finally, i can sleep now xD see you!

Moonskinned: Holy shit, thats awesome.


hey guys ! one more day to go so lets get it done!!

here is a last update before i finish the beast vorm,

also a study i did for the splatters

[Image: waterstudy.jpg]

[Image: schermafbeelding2013040g.png]

let me know what you guys like or what not ! critics are always welcome!

OK folks. I’m pretty much done with these. I might do some tweaks here and there tomorrow before I hand it in but I have to first sleep on it. :P I’m pretty happy with them since I did them in like two weeks (it usually takes me forever to finish ONE illustration). They are a bit looser then but still. I kinda like em (today, tomorrow is another story haha).

I’m also including all the references I’ve been using + today’s study. This was super fun! I hope to do another one of these soon. I learned a lot and my arm and back hurts like $3%# but hey…a word paint without PAIN is just a letter T so. there you go.

You guys are fantastic. So many awesome work and people pushing themselves is down right fantastic. I freakin' love this forum!!! So inspiring!

[Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo3_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo4_1280.jpg]

editing this for posting this thing (don't want to spam):
[Image: beastmaster___thumbs__compositions_and_s...60iznm.jpg]


I feel so shamefull,

[Image: tumblr_mhvehlcFjy1rjuc3do1_250.gif]

I had some personal issues so I'll be able to finish only one of the two characters... :( But everything is now in order so I'll do better for next Bloodsport ! :D

woaah so much good in this threaaad, im just at the render till dead stage now with mine but have to stop till sunday so dunno how much more is gonna get put into these

gotta puuuuush it

Moonskinned - That's some proffesional art piece...Congrats!

EduardoGaray - It's cool. I like the mood of those pieces

Everyone is outstepping themselves! I'm so glad I'm part of this community. You people keep me striving for more!

Here are my finals. Im not happy with the second one. it has .... smaller impact that it had in my head....

well more knowledge and experience needed.

Lovely stuff everyone! Here are all my final refs, scamps and wips.



Ok, here's mine. Studies, Poses and finals. Murder, Matriarch of the Crows.

[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_study_by_b...60ggdj.jpg]
[Image: raven_02_by_bethbh-d5ztx3n.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_poses_by_b...60gge3.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_final_murd...60ggek.jpg]
[Image: cartoon_murder_by_bethbh-d60bjhp.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_card_mock_...60ggf9.png]

not really happy with these. need to study and focus more, eh well

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[Image: knightfinal.jpg][Image: unifinal.jpg]
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