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Thanks for the feedback, but I know how to do a clean pencil drawing if I want to. As I said, these are NOT that. These are throwaway notes for learning, and I treat them as such, they're not meant to be pretty, and I certainly am not going to pay attention to finishes like lineweight with these.

Cleaner drawing of the Dragonborn Paladin character - these lines will not be in the final, either, I'll paint on top of them, these are just more refined guides:
[Image: KhFg2mv.jpg]

And some dragon body sketches, all following tutorials from Neondragon's book - I know, it's a drawing book for kids, but I'm taking it easy for now, and I'm actually learning a lot from these:
[Image: 7WuTQdT.jpg]

[Image: xDUb3oK.jpg]

[Image: MUV72aW.jpg]

[Image: 0j1nGyb.jpg]

Dragon muscle study, probably not entirely accurate:

[Image: 3v28HDo.jpg]

Some half-assed dragon skull and dragon/bat wing anatomy studies:

[Image: BUCmean.png]

Warm-up character portrait, going for a loosely painted style and failing:

[Image: aeon_priestess_kuipania_by_olooriel_dd80...3NLkcXcwho]

Another character portrait that originally was supposed to match the previous one, but then I decided to concentrate on my lacking forms and anatomy instead of trying for a style that would just end up looking messy as long as I don't have the foundations down. Briefly considered redoing the previous one to match, but probably would be a waste of time.

[Image: Banh8Eb.png]

Then I got sad that I couldn't participate in #portfolioday because not only do I not have a portfolio - I don't even have enough finished and recent (less than 2 years old) work to fill a twitter post. So I finished up this sketch I did last year to try and have at least four images for next portfolioday (October 8th).

[Image: demon_medic_by_olooriel_ddbgroz-pre.jpg?...Jd5AZcNZlc]


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