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Great sketchbook, a lot of cool stuff every day! Also want to note rendering, it's beautiful)

@Egbu: Thank you.
@Nikt: Thanks, I found it odd that it's getting easier to study every day after awhile.

Application of last study, did some lineart too, why the hell not.

[Image: 0328%203l.png]

Something light on saturday, I might be shifting away from trying to make stuff photorealistic.

[Image: 0329.png]

Meh, gotta keep going!

[Image: 0329%201.png]

Had a blast doing this one, I think I might be onto something here.

[Image: 0330.png]

p.s. I find the most awesome shit to listen on youtube.

Something completely different. Might try more of these.

[Image: 0330%2001.png]

Awesome updates man, I did a photo study a while ago of that same guy you have from two post's back haha

@will123will: Thanks! Haha, probably most of the studies here you've already seen or will see, the ref'd ones are from quickposes.

I need to practice a bit more of bgs, about 30min on these.

[Image: 4yzp.png]
[Image: xq8g.png]

Some more crap.

[Image: 1jut.png]
[Image: vtoq.png]
[Image: nn6m.png]
[Image: h2ip.png]

Awesome style! Your stuff is pretty inspiring to me. (:

@ninemeltedfiction: Thank you, I'm glad to hear that. :)

Gonna have to slow down for a couple of weeks, work n stuff.

[Image: yq4d.png]
[Image: bjio.png]

Managed to squeeze something at lunch, 20min each. I already miss studying. :(
And yes, that's a horned eagle.

[Image: l2co.png]

awwwwwwyeeeeeahhh !!!!!!
killing it bro.
insane. im loving all the lines and drawings. and the tight rendering.

gotta mention. some of your biceps look a bit off.

a+ for dedication~!
i wanna see moarmoarmoarmoaoooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrr.

@Aragah: <3 Thanks bro. Yeah lately I've messed up on the far shoulder/biceps, gotta learn that too, eternal student.

Quickie generic dragon made at lunch.

[Image: nhsq.png]

Awesome work dude, love your stylized bust, makes me wanna cry knowing ive probly never opened this thread before

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@Mr. Toodles: Thanks :), it's ok, but come back again!

Keeping it dumb, keeping it daily.

[Image: 1qrv.png]

Those skin renderings are yummy, I love looking at them! Great to see you having so much fun with those portraits too, it's really showing :D You're killing it with all updates dude, keep it uppp! Gotta get off my lazy butt and do some proper work now haha.

@lungcell: Thanks man, glad you dig them studies. Yea, I have been lacking lately as well, because of work I only get like 30m~1h for personal stuff, I guess if I tried more I'd go insane.

Drunk drawing :D

[Image: 37lp.png]

Meh, not the greatest of days.

[Image: 9sd7.png]

Wow, beuatiful sketchbook! Love the way you draw as well as the way you paint, it's very pleasing to look at your stuff <3

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