varbas is a noob
kvSketch- Thanks but these days it sure doesnt feels like it. But yea thanks for comment.

Have been pretty idle these days.. Wasnt actually studying much was again just calibrating my monitor. Not really cause it was bad just wanted to see what the settings do and how it changes appareance of values on screen so knowing that I try to find best solution. Did it and will probably try to get back to some studying and doing stuff..

Lookin good.

That first piece is off to a great start. The nose might need a little bit of tweaking but its coming along nicely.

Dennis Kutsenko -Thanks. Yea the whole thing should get bit tweeked but it is just a study so I dont know if I will finish it :D  Should ged back to that character and finish it.

Because I changed that calibration the values look pretty different, so working on older sketch I changed the value range a bit but I dont know if I overdid it or it is fine because I have nothing to compare it to,

soo If somebody thinks that character has now bad values or something just say it if possible.
Did more studies then sketches so I can get used to it bit.

Took a day off and didnt want to work on that character so started working on older sketch. Redraw armor a bit, going to put more patterns later. And quick study. Wanted to look at some patters beforehand. Not much.

Fantastic work with some of this rendering
Some of it looks a little "plastic", as if you are studying them from 3d models as opposed to photos or live people.
Either way, the observation and rendering ability youre developing is wonderful

"If you want liberation in this life, there is no area that you do not watch. Watch the breathing, watch the posture, watch the flow of energy, watch the texture of the mind, watch the response to objects." - Namgyal Rinpoche
aks9- Thanks. Yea I focus too much maybe on forms and smooting transitions and less on creating textures :D Yea but I thing there is still much to learn. 

Some quick study, some longer copy and some sketches. Darkenned that character a bit but I found out I dont know how plate armor works in dim lighting...

Damn your values are on point. Been a while since I've seen your stuff. Lots of great strides! ^^
as a heads up, that arm on the guy peering around teh corner's got a noodle arm (humerus doesn't fit into shoulder socket) to fit in the frame.

Heliux- thanks. Yea now that I know where to look I totaly see it .. dont know how I missed it :D
Did not draw for a few days so not much just some studies.. also drawing a self portrait while the light is in your face is pretty anoying so at the end I didnt saw shit so it ended up like that.

Just few studies and still struggling with that character... I found there few more mistakes so needet to correct them. 
That character also looks super empty like nothing interesting on it so yea not much motivation to finish it.
Also I rebembered there is possibility to do sketches just for fun so yea I did one ....


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