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Hey man,
Just wanted make some suggestions which you're free to disregard should they not vibe with you.
these are some things I've found helpful.

start from lifestyle, the lifestyle you imagine you would like to have, this is kinda more important than dream job even.
as much as you enjoy art, you want to probably get to a place where it fits into a happy lifestyle so, and it may be harder than it sounds, start from here.

next instead of dream job, what do you want to make. what will you be most happy doing in art, in terms of subject matter, rendering style, usage (book cover, card art gamer concept and so on)
what will you care about getting better at, because this is your best bet to excel and to be happy learning.

I'm saying this because it's still a very big thing for people to chase where they imagine the job are and what the viable types of work are. It's like when you see people that love illustration become graphic designers because seemed like a more realistic career path.

any path is viable and you will do the best job following what you love with the least compromise.
people often don't notice how much the compromise is the killer of passion
you may hit a point of dissatisfaction without realizing its because you're doing the job next to the job you wanted to do.

you gotta make money along the way, but having a strong idea of where the direction is leading you will help you make the choices of what jobs to prioritize as stepping stones to your bigger goals.

If you love working on mobile games, ok, but if it's not your real goal, please give it some consideration.

I'm saying this stuff without knowing much about where your passion is at,
but you got some good skills but I cannot see where youre aiming
and I dont mean aiming at the next job, far beyond that.
most goals will fall short in reality, so you best aim high as you can.

every decision in life is a sacrifice, so make the study and images you create, focused with multiple goals,
each portfolio piece can have job getting intentions, marketing and self promotion, immediate sales, multiple study goals within it.

art is a fantastic career but please dont compromise too much or it may become just another unsatisfying job.

theres so much advice that guides people to fighting over low to mid tear work

and everyone can do what they want, I'm no one special.

but I am happy with where I'm at,
I only worked to get better and never got an art job I applied for, I just kept raising my skill and every year the work has been more frequent and higher paid and during a pandemic, I am busier than ever.

I hope this doesnt come off as a boast or anything, I'm just starting to feel the relief that my career choices panned out as i anticipated based on the advice i accumulated in the beginning years, and I want to share those thoughts in case they are helpful to you or anyone here.

I know how hard and shitty a time and a struggle this all is,
but you can fkn do it, and do it bigger than you imagine. and without school!
(reasonably priced online learning is fine)

anyway, power to you
if youre having a hard time working out your direction, welcome to have a chat

again im nobody, ive just been thinking about this shit for the last 7 years

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357

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