Dennis Kutsenko's Sketchbook
Guess I'll start a sketchbook here now. Some old and new stuff.
I Will start posting a lot more in a week or so after I finish some stuff up.

[Image: ManChildEddy.jpg]
[Image: Mermaidcolor.jpg]
[Image: MermaidGray.jpg]
[Image: illu1.jpg]
[Image: 1Sick.jpg]

[Image: Chartb1.jpg]

[Image: Pract12.jpg]
[Image: Pract11.jpg]
[Image: pract2.jpg]
[Image: Pract13.jpg]
[Image: Werty5.jpg]
[Image: WERTYB5.jpg]
[Image: Wertyb77.jpg]
[Image: WERTYB88.jpg]
[Image: WERTYB999.jpg]
!!! Good to see you posting!!! Your girls are unbelievable man. I was wondering why you dropped off over at CA, now I know. Great work!
Beautiful work Dennis.

awesome studies!
Really nice studies man, keep it going!

Oh wow, I really like the girl studies, awesome.

Great studies!

I can see so much improvment as I scroll down. I'd like to see more personal work though. You need to catch up with what you've been doing with your studies. Please don't take this the wrong way but I'm seeing a huge gap between what you can draw and what you are drawing.

Dude!!! These studies are the best!!!!!!!

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CoreyKLamb- Thanks man.
FlyByKnight- Thank you.
Cornelius Hoelz- Thanks.
John Silva- Thank you :)
SulaMoon- Oh, thanks.
Conny Nordlund- thank you, thank you.
gangstershit- Ya man, there is a huge gap. I just need to stop being a lazy ass.
Zesiul- Thanks, Thanks.

Some crappy paints did for fun

[Image: UM01.jpg]

[Image: UM02.jpg]
New piece I just started.

[Image: Newsome.jpg]
Really nice stuff, Dennis! Keep it up. I'd also love to see some more personal pieces.
Hey Dennis! Nice to see you postin stuff again :D Hope everything's well dude!
Jasielski- Thanks bro, I'm trying to do more personal works!
Jamesybear- Oh wow, is that you Jamesy? haha damn, been a while. Checked your blog, you improved a lot man!

Sorry these new ones are a bit rushed. I'm gonna spend more time on that knight drawing up there though.
[Image: UM03.jpg]
New study I started with a few others. Gonna keep working on it.
[Image: Stud01.jpg]
Like the photo Studies, you paint good women.
your women photo studies are simply perfect man! and I wonder where you took that last one from ahahahha
Victor Quaresma- Thanks man! I forgot where I got the photo from but I know it was one of those nude sites. I have many of them saved in a folder haha.

Jamesxwu- Thank you :)

WIP of another piece I'm working on as well. Still has a long way to go.
[Image: MermaidWIP01.jpg]

I started with this and didn't know where the hell i was going with it haha. I'm surprised it ended up where it did.
[Image: Mermaidstep01.jpg]
Damn nice studies!

The mermaid one is off to a good start, but watch yo' tits, her nips are looking a bit googly.
Eyecager- Haha, ya man. I added those tits at the very end. Definitely will get a boost up in the next session.

Well I probably wont be entering the bloodsport, because I don't really want to do Zelda wind waker dvd thing. But I do want to create something Zelda related. Hopefully I can turn this into something.

Did this real quick with the Zelda feelin inside of me, that's why it looks like a piece of shit :)
Will definitely work on it along with all the other stuff I got up there.
[Image: LINK.jpg]

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