Bjulvar's Sketchbook
Selfportrait by mirror before bed

Moviestill study from the darkest movie ever made. Focused on workflow, perspective and snuck in some color.
Gogo and check out our supercool and hip studygroup through my signature!

A colorstudy from a macho movie done while hanging out.

nice studies man! dont forget to apply them though. not much to say really , i think youre on the right track . keep workin hard
edit: oh and i forgot to say, that last illustration looks great, and in only 2 days too :)
good color studies; might be helpful to do a large series of tiny color thumbs instead of larger "full" studies. Starting an image is often times more important than trying to finish it.

BenFlores Damnit, you're right man. Tried bringing it together a little bit with the sketch I'm posting now. Almost forgot about them :P Thank you man, surprised myself!

MrFrenik Really true. I've heard that about starting images is more important.I used to only start a bunch of stuff and never finish anything!

So I did 2 a bit quicker colorstudies since MrFrenik suggested it. I am aware that I can make more, quicker. But I settled with this for now. Also finished up another environment sketch. I like mountains. Using a hardbrush more to get a hang of it.

Tried diffrent brushstrokes with this one. The power went out in the middle of the painting. Hurt mah feelings and mah soul. So i kinda left it early.

Too tired to explain damnit!

Yoyo, partypeople in the house lets go.
My edges still look like crap-e diem but atleast I can't get it out of my head. These two weeks have been really proving for me. Doing environments and studies for it with my supercool team. It's out of my comfort zone and it feels like I've reset my skills.
Going for the goal though :P

Gestures, atleast I can draw them more confident now

And something to relax, can't always paint out of the comfort zone! I'm really fascinated by weird helmts, if you haven't noticed by now!

Mwahah! Bring on the attack of the kooky helmets!!
I too, as you may have realised have an obsession with dem strange helmets.
Because strange helmets are awesome :D and that ^ is an awesome helmet!
I also love those costume designs in #268! Really cool designs (^∇^)

Hmm, with the gestures, I would say - draw how you feel comfortable. Just so long as you're really feeling the energy of the gesture, it doesn't matter how many lines you put down.
(Oh and if you're already doing this, disregard what I'm about to say ^^ :)
Try not to draw the contours of the figure, but imagine the structure underneath, translating that knowledge it into basic forms.

Your improvement has been super inspiring to me!!
Keep kicking ass Bjulvar! (✌゚∀゚)☞

great stuff, bjulvar, just a couple of suggestions you might consider. For the color thumbs, try doing them without opacity settings on. Painting opaquely makes you have to decide your brushstrokes beforehand and keep you from "noodling" about. Also for the gestures, curved lines are your friends. Don't forget your S and C curves while doing these, and try to exaggerate what you see as much as you can. Exaggeration helps to actually see more clearly what's happening with the figure.

Cool for you for pushing your limits! :) The helmet-piece is very nice

smrrfette Yeaah! The best kind of comfort zone!
Yes, I've seen some badass one in your sketchbook! :D Thank you! It's totally opera-inspired. Best way to get ideas is with some verdii!
Working on a little refinement for one of them!

You're right. I think that I've lost that a bit. It was the only thing I did when I went to art school. All about the personality! But not much anymore. So sad! Will have to get back onto that track again then.

Hah nice! And that in turn motivates and inspires me! So thank you :D
I'llll tryyy!

MrFrenik Great suggestions man! Yes I definitely need to be more confident with my brushstrokes. I'll have to get that into my system and do more color/value thumbs. Strangely enough I haven't thought about that. Noting it down.
Thanks a lot mate!

Kaffer Thanks man, my limited is nowhere to be found yet! Help!

So starting with a fishdude I forgot to post earlier. Just in it's initial stage and I am not taking it further!

Doing the theme "Winter Journey" with Aragah and Markus. Here's some more thumbnails and the one that I want to paint.

Finishing this buffet with a moviestill study for edges and a kung fu turtle, because I want to.

Nice skechbook mate. I digg those environment studies. Good job on doing these. Also your personal work is getting stronger. Good, goooood anakin gooood. Hope to see more updates in the near future. Cheers!

Niiiice man! And so many updates. I love it. Keep pushing your limits, the improvement is showing!

ramalooke Thank you man! Yeah feels good focusing more on environments. Hope it'll pay off soon! There will be more :D

pnate Duude thanks! That means a lot man! My body is ready!

Did some more opaque and quick studies as suggested

A progress shot on the winter journey piece. Kinda stressing out over it :P

And a little sketchy helmetguy

Your stuff is awesome! I love it, your style reminds me a lot of a guy from another forum xD I see lots of improvement! Keep it up ^^
Thanks dude, way too kind! It's probably myself but over on conceptart! :P

Deadline is over for the Winter Journey piece. Not so happy with it but I think it's a good effort atleast considering that we're just starting out :P

This mornings sketchy sketchoroonie

Love the winter jurney piece. You could play a bit more with light in the focal area. It will give a nice touch to your piece ;)

Still posting great work mate ! :D I love the mood of the winter journey piece ! I just think you could have put kind of contrast between rock rendering vs snow rendering, they look too much like each others maybe..

Anyway, keep up the great work ! :D


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