Lungcell's draws and paints
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Prospass: Using my studies as reference is a great idea! thanks a lot for your advice dude, I really appreciate it :) I took the plunge, and started working on another painting Party

Started the day with some gesture drawing and back to practicing some lady faces after studying Kim Jung Gi. It still blows my mind how he can use an ink brush like that. There's no room for any mistakes. He get so much expression and sexiness in his girl faces and his perspective and proportions are always super accurate. He even pays attention to the contrasts in his line-weight. Shock A few skin studies too. I should do longer ones next time. It's tough getting that blue sky light into the skin shadows.

Also, here's a character snake girl I'm working on. I'd love to get some critiques on it :)

Some work from today. I'm finding they move a lot quicker when I move slowly. Normally I rush around and get frustrated because I'm not paying attention and making bad decisions. Applied what I remembered in a very original sketch of a small elf girl Wisecracker Also, I just found a study that I thought I'd deleted during the week.

Couple of things from recently. That face is pretty terrible so I'm gonna focus on those next.

Cool studies :), on the toy story one the shadows aren't dark nor saturated enough though.
I always love seeing color studies

yo man dope stuff, really loving the variety

Keep it coming

Beautiful studies, paintings, gestures, all-of-it. Awesome. Keep it up. Grin


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Hi Lungcell! 

I completely missed your reply to my post way back  haha.. I am from Kerry but I'm going to college in Cork. what about you?
I was scrolling through your sketchbook here at work but only very briefly cus of all the naked lady's and such :P But great work from what i could see. 
I find it amazing the amount of head paintings you can crank out. Every time i sit down and try to pant a few faces i just get over obsessed with the first and that's all i get done  Tongue

100 faces and some short Sargent studies

Some recent character pieces for my portfolio that I didn't post yet :)

Hmmm. Post-Xmas studies and a wizard dude.

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Duuuude sooo much awesome stuff, your gesture drawings are top stuff, and i'm really in love with your heads and clothes studies, i'm following you in every other social media, lol, thanks for sharing with us!

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