Vitor sketchbook
Great updates with the hands, all of them look very solid with great gesture and form, keep it up!

I was having difficulties in getting the proportions of the hands so I decided to take a step back and simplify my fingers in a mass just like a mitten.
I also keep making boxes to improve my rotational skills in three-dimensional space. Finally, I bought the Moderndayjames content about rotating human figures and I highly recommend it to everyone.

That's a great number of studies, very well done. I think it will definitely benefit you in the long run, so keep going!

I love you sketchbook, man. It's cool to see another artist that digs Michael Hampton. There's alotta things in here I wanna try myself.
thanks cgmythology and Tank Rat

still struggling to improve hands

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Cool scetchbook man! I am impressed by your knowledge of anatomy. In the near future, I will also study anatomy from Hampton's book. By the way, I read a good book about dynamic poses "Force
Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators" You may find it useful. Keep it up!)
Dang those are some beautiful sketches!

I especially like these two pages. Great flow of lines and form.


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