Zaulta's Sketchbook
Yeah appreciate the reminder. Kinda hard balancing everything also.

Just a starting sketch for a study tomorrow and hung out with friends all day yesterday. Quick sketch of one of them on the right.

Still life before work. First half it was thundering then it became all sunny so just tried to go with it. Kinda hard with all the light sources and stuff everywhere and sun moving. Next time might just take a picture.

Short studies of hands.

Saw something pretty cool at work today. The power went out so there was no fan to get rid of the smoke from the kitchen area. When someone was passing through direct light, you see some slight rays of light around them cause of them smoke.
Stuff from yesterday. Went out painting with a friend for the first time and not by myself. it was pretty nice even though it was raining all day. On the top painting, we went to the mall first but then after 20 minutes or so we got kicked out of the mall area lol. Bottom one, we drove downtown. Stayed in the car and painted cause it was raining most of the time.

From two days ago. Remembered not wanting to stay at my desk so went outside. Even though I drew the playground is long, still pretty happy cause ik I wouldn't have been to sketch this decently last year.

Also from two days ago. Saw a lot of dragon flies outside and quit the study :/

Oops haven't updated in like 20 something days : ^). In short: quit my job, got a screen tablet, and started an art mentor ship 3 weeks ago. With the screen tablet, it's so much easier to sketch and do line art. I can sketch using some jitter without my strokes being completely off.

I'll try to put everything in order and gonna be a wall of pictures sorry :>.

Week 1 of the mentorship. He wanted me to practice forms and atmosphere first. Towards the bottom is oldest.

From three weeks ago, when I first got the screen tablet. A lot of my time is spent more towards the mentorship for the first two parts, which was just practicing fundamental stuff. Was hard to balance doing other studies and doodles, cause I procrastinated a lot : ^).

Part 2 of the mentor ship started. More light fundamental stuff. At first, just needed to figure out my process.

Personal stuff during the part 2 time.
The one on the left was a study of my friend. Lighting was pretty weird and made it hard.

Starting to go out with my art friends more, going painting and sketching around the city.

Want to actually get into gouache painting, it's a lot quicker, cleaner, and easier to travel with than acrylics.

For part 3 of the mentor ship, he assigned me to work on my character design/illustration and composition :). Also wanna try to be more active with other peoples sketchbooks but most of the time idk what to say lol.
Uh some stuff from the past few days. Mostly mentor homework but should try to put more time aside for doodles and studies. Also tomorrow I start 12th grade and that's a little crazy. When i was like 4, didn't think I would live this long.

Part 3 of the mentorship started and we're working on composition and storytelling mainly with sketches. At first, thought most of thee stuff I had was trash. It's whatever now, just need to experiment more.

Went to a local park. Wasted gas and time driving back a forth trying to find a place and ended up in a bad mood. Don't know why I wasted paint lol.

Nice Zaulta! Great studies. But a nice advice I could give you is: studie drawing really hard. A good painting without a solid drawing is wasted. Try really hard, spend more time on the drawing than painting. Jope to see more from you!
Thanks for the tips <3. Lately been trying to be a little cleaner just in general. It's just pretty hard trying to be neat and making your lines fit well @[email protected] Also sorry for the late reply.

Some doodles from a while ago. Sketch on the left was for a friend's birthday from early september.

Some simple studies, two days later

Something for the mentor ship. New oc idea on the right, I go in deeper later.

If you've been looking here awhile, you might remember her. Reworked an older oc.

Some stuff for mentor. His crits were really helpful.

Mentor crits:

tried doing some variations of a scene, was lazy :)

First real concepts of the OC

Messy sketch and didn't finish

doodles and study on the bottom right

Did some quick gifts for a few friends

Few days ago went to the park with friends and did some figure drawing with each other :).

Character sheet :). Worked on this for about a week. Spent awhile on it cause I want it to be part of my college portfolio application and it's also for my art class too. It's about 90% done. I want to redo the colored back view, logo, and maybe the colored front idk tho.

From yesterday. Ideas for the main antagonist.

From today. Probably her final look with some changes here and there.

Also an attempt from before.

I have the gist of their stories made up and need to go more in detail, but here's the copy and paste of the short one :). 

Born sheltered into royalty. He was raised  like a regular royalty at the time, though being confident in himself was not socially up there. Eventually, his family seems like they were all murdered the the family's rule is stolen by a woman who has been working with the higher ups for a long time. She spares him due to knowing him all his life, that he would pose no threat and that he would be fun to watch. She releases him, but with a curse.

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