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[Image: 8zWp8gL.jpg]

tentacle hair

I like this image fliped more. I don't know why most of the time when I flip and image it looks much worst but when I flip it and I think it looks better than there must be something horribly wrong it or something idk
I really like the look of darkness with a splash of red and light. The character is intriguing, and the whole setup engages curiosity as to what she is doing.

I don't see anything wrong with it, but maybe what would balance it would be to have the octopus head shifted a bit to the right, and looking to the left (into the frame, and aimed at the figure). Then you'd have the nice foreground tentacle framing the lower left, and the head/eyes sort of framing the upper right background.
i think the lady looks very cool in her design but the octopus, while it works compositionally, could use a cooler design.

John Cebollaro has some cool designs, could give you an idea
Little changes to the octopus to make it a bit more interesting. I tried making the tentacle um circles or whatever there called more like a real tentacle as in making them more and much closer together but it was too distracting. Also I was intending to make the person in this painting a guy but I guess it can be a girl too it doesn't rly matter to the painting but if its too hard to tell the gender maybe I just didn't do my job well enough. blablabla

[Image: BQIWVkL.jpg]

Made a "quick" study of a Craig Mullins painting 
[Image: A24zMKq.jpg]


[Image: vGRXuxq.jpg]

pretty boii sketch. The composition is trash and I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm trying to draw people and not have them look like this: 
 [Image: i9wsKKd.png] <---- some more pretty-nes
I didn't intend for this image to be fan art I just wanted to paint some pretty boiiii but today when I opened the file I was all like "Ah shit why did I draw Josuke from Jojo??" so I don't know what to do with this image but I've never done a portrait in digital so I should probably do that.
[Image: eOIIkEr.jpg]
I'll try to get rid of the line art but I'm making no promises

[Image: FrYuSpC.jpg]

I was looking at some Richard Schmid painting and I really like how easy they are to read even when there's a lot going on so I wanted to do something like that. I tied to make the focal point much more detailed that the rest but it alone wasn't enough. I think the problem was color temperature because when I made the background a lot more cool and the foreground warm it worked much better than just trying to make something much more detailed that everything else.

[Image: dxcvpXX.jpg]

Feeling extra lazy today I can't get anything from imagination going.
I love this sketch
[Image: t5PHzPM.jpg]

and then this -,-
[Image: TWR6iCj.jpg]

This in its current state is so unbearable to look at it makes me want to not work on it but I feel like I can make this in to a cool image eventually I just don't know how to like... make it work.

I did some master studies that had similar lighting and color and all that stuff but I gave up on every image. Today is just not working out but that sketch is sexy as fuck.
University starts tomorrow and Monday is my busiest schedule so I don't know if I'll work on this tomorrow.
"virtual plain air"
[Image: dqrSi5s.jpg]

[Image: zr82FBf.jpg]

[Image: 5eB6CPv.jpg]

This semester is gonna be tough
[Image: qDn5m2p.jpg]

[Image: 6xtuEYp.jpg]
[Image: XZirOKQ.jpg]
[Image: 86tpRcW.jpg]
[Image: 5fMT7wQ.jpg]
I'm doing a guild wars 2 thingy

[Image: xRFpLED.jpg]

early sketch. I was inspired by this loading screen and wanted to paint the race event in Divinity's Reach

[Image: TgRxFzMKTvXbv1uhE0UbR2KSj-_Bmo3nRrp2jSZa...5d788a4000]
I made a lot of different sketches but couldn't get anything going and eventually I ended up with this

[Image: twUGhN7.jpg]
and then some paint
[Image: gH6lx28.jpg]

I'm having a very hard time with the composition and getting depth. Feels like everything is on the same plane and its driving me nuts. I hate that rock in the foreground but when I get rid of it image looks even worst. I think I'll try to move things around a lot tomorrow, I'm running low on brain power.
I like the sketch. You might try developing or moving the creature to the right. Basically, give it visual room to run into the frame, rather than have it in the middle, kinda running out of the frame. Or maybe you
(Technical difficulties)

Or maybe you could leave it there if you added another creature in the background on the right, making a triangle formation. Someone told me once that having odd numbers of things placed around the frame (birds, spaceships, characters in an action scene) tended to work better for composition.
I've decided to focus only on the jackal and cut the other 2, I think the image works better that way and its way easier for me :D. Also I think I'll crop the image so that the focus is more on the mount and rider but I'm not sure yet. I tried cropping it a lot to maybe make this image more of a card art style but the pose and everything in not dynamic or interesting enough and I don't want to start over because I haven't gotten an image going for a week now. Anyway this is it for today 

[Image: 4Ma05oy.jpg]
I like your progress. Your rendering of light is always interesting.
First sketch was way more dynamic and interesting imo with those large diagonals of the city in the background, and why the ref image works. Judge and analyse your comps by their major rhythms, these dictate the feel and read of your piece. Always refer back to the original sketch or inspiration if you're losing way.

Please try and go past your normal inclination and add some finishing to something. You are leaving all of these things mostly in a sketch state. That's fine for practice...but you are also training yourself to not finish anything if that's all you do. You will become a master unfinisher :)
So I'm painting and then windows hits me with the classic 

[Image: lQiEMDq.jpg]

first time seeing this window and I'm like yea dude sure lets update how long can it take right?... one actual eternity of patching like fucking 3 hours or so starts up again and now photoshop tells me that my display color profiles are fucked and and zoom + brushes are like 2 times as slow. just fuck my shit up fam

@Amit Dutta
Yea never pushing an image to a more finished look is getting to be a problem, that combined with not painting people enough. Tomorrow I'll try to get this image to what I normally consider finished and then force my self to spend a couple more hours just trying to get that more finished look.

I didn't sped a lot of time today painting just dealing with random stuff kept getting me out of the mood but I'm happy with the background now.

[Image: HUA3UHZ.jpg] of 
I didn't have the time to do digital today I only did some oil painting at uni
[Image: 0kskoOg.jpg]
Oh wow, I really like how that jackal painting is coming! The color is really rich. Definitely keep that one up.
(02-13-2018, 05:51 AM)Tygerson Wrote: [ -> ]Oh wow, I really like how that jackal painting is coming!  The color is really rich.  Definitely keep that one up.

Thanks :D I like the color too. Most of the time when I make everything more or less the same color/tone the whole image looks like there's a fog covering everything but I think this one turned out ok.

[Image: q9lwVzN.jpg]

I made a lot of little changes and I'm not sure where to go from here, obviously the image can look a lot better but I feel like I'm hitting the "you're just not good enough wall" and I'm more wasting time than painting. Also the image is getting very slow to work on I feel like it started lagging after the windows update but it could just be that I've been working on it a while and it naturally got heavier.

Also my sister ordered these like a month ago and they just arrived
[Image: xyOm1GQ.jpg?1]

Amazing beautiful stunning aaaaaaaaa
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