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Full Version: Coinhero's sketchbook
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I think you have cool designs on the heads, but the composition is really flat; you have this dynamic scene but everything is a super basic silhouette of the subject matter. the warrior has a really stiff stance, just kinda hunched over. Plus a common composition mistake is to put everything thats in focus dead center, you could probably improve it by cropping the scene to where the middle head isnt in the middle; I hate to say start over and find a better camera angle, like looking up at the scene, but that's ultimately what would save the piece. the rednering and colors are nice however
Just gonna let this here for you if you have no base on principle of design

Just scroll down to 4) and watch them all it should atleast give you a base the rest will be down by doing composition study of those principle
[Image: Nr6zeUg.jpg]

yea composition is trash, I have a sketch in my """sketchbook""" that's more dynamic and more of a splash art thing but I'll do that after I finish this drawing. Figure is just so I have something there I haven't taught about it much. I was planing on starting over again with this but I'm too deep in and have very little time at the moment due to finishing up the semester. Having to draw late at nigh instead of early in the morning is killing me
Graphic design conference was around 5 hours longer than it should have and I didn't know I was supposed to print one like the first project we did for the semester -,- I got a crappy grade but aced all my other classes. I'm almost done with university stuff just have a few small things to take care of.
[Image: 4yS5oFo.jpg]

digital version of the more dynamic comp that I had sketched out on paper. Anime as fuck, still need to figure out a lot but this is to help get my idea out 

[Image: FkYLvPG.jpg?1]

actually lowered the res before posting here for once. This is a slightly older version but I don't want to bother uploading it to imgr again it's more or less the same thing
Frank Frazetta study
[Image: YrKwEpL.jpg]

did a little bit of work on the hydra drawings but this is more interesting. I didn't like how anime the pose is on the sketch from yesterday, I like the pose in general but not for this piece, I started redoing it and wanted something more powerful . Feeling shitty all day long for no reason and it's hard to focus and be productive
[Image: NLVDayN.jpg]

guy started out in full armor but I think this is a good opportunity to draw some anatomy so I slowly removed little bits of his armor until I got a naked guy with an axe. Played around with the composition a lot, mainly with the space between the snake/hydra/whatever and the guy, but it looks more awkward when I space them out and maybe I'll get a more claustrophobic feeling like this which would be good I think.

[Image: H99A4ej.jpg]

also did some color stuff just to get a general idea of things. I didn't make anything to the guy because I want to change stuff I don't like about him tomorrow.
fantaaaaaaaaaaastic hydra damn
good improvement my dude ;)
Thanks! I'll do my best to make this image look good, it still has a long way to go

[Image: NDkOiAW.jpg]

I'm going to a restaurant with the family so I'll stop here. Need to figure out how to make the tangents less awkward and just a lot of things, this is going to take me a while to finish -_-
[Image: EZmnmWW.jpg]

added more of the tail/body idk what I should would call it and I think that fixes the weird empty space that was there. Just grinding away at this, played around with motion blur stuff and pulled some level sliders. When out with friends to festival thing in my town so I don't forget how to be human. stuffstuff
[Image: pFHNaEY.jpg]

Re drew the pose 3 times, re painted it a million times and moved things around. This is really out of my comfort zone and it's just killing me but I really want to get it right
the worst
[Image: V8h0BuT.jpg?1]

I like to copy images to cool off

[Image: 1563jBp.jpg]
more lame stuff, too sleepy to fix stuff
[Image: C1Emhd0.jpg]

I have a lot of half naked pictures of myself on my phone because of this
like, look at that pose as you drew it, like the torso is not bent at all like he has back issues and cant bend it; his head is just, man try an easier angle for now, like just standard three quarter, you've indicated his neck as collosal compared to the jaw, it looks like a frog filling his mouth with air. Really try some different poses like arch the back, exaggerate the line of action because right now its a flat diagonal line and not a sophisticated swoosh
I'll just keep drawing this till I get it right, starting over with a more simple pose is lame

[Image: SKFcJ0v.jpg]

changed the foreground guy and trying to figure out how to paint this 

[Image: KstwQ8G.jpg]

I also did stuff for my university exposition that's tomorrow here is an amazing video
I painted some trees and then went to the university exhibition so I didn't make a lot of progress but had a lot of fun

[Image: ugsPRyw.jpg]

I need to make it less orange. Amazing picture from the exhibition 

[Image: cupj8mX.jpg?1]

also I just now noticed that the thumb is on the wrong side on my previous image :))))))
[Image: 8NufBFh.jpg]

I couldn't pull of what I had in mind so I changed a lot of things. I liked those surreal patterns coming out of his head but I'll save that idea for a future image and for this I'll just give him Mexican food head. I think it makes sense for the forest to be on fire now so I re painted everything, now the background has more depth to it and I like the pretty colors but its much more difficult to get my values right, maybe after I finish it more it will look better idk. I really wanted to paint the figures in the back but I couldn't figure out a way to squeeze them in the composition. I'll get rid of the blue rim light because it doesn't make sense anymore but will probably keep the little bit on his neck because it looks cool. Idea is to have the back ground be blue-ish and have it still look it's on fire and make the guy very warm so he sticks out but readability is still really bad, values are hard. Also did some graphic design stuff which is why I couldn't get a more finished look today. 
^ too much text
[Image: sidj4g6.jpg?1]

worked on the background, painted the arms some, did other little things and then I was busy with real life stuff like working on my car. I really want to finish this tomorrow and get another sketch going or maybe copy a painting but tomorrow is the biggest car meet of the year and I'll probably spend a good 5-6 hours there so I don't know if its going to happen. I have some sketches I've done on paper with ideas for what I could paint next but nothing solid yet.
[Image: 0YjxYLV.jpg]

I spend most of the day at a car event/meet/drift festival thing but still did some painting. I have a lot of little things to do but I think I'll post something new tomorrow.
[Image: kSeHnjU.jpg]

Started new thing, scrapped my first attempt to draw the guy in the foreground so it's just a blob now. Starting something new and just trying to get the idea out of my head is super exhausting I'll work on the fire guy from yesterday to cool of
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