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Full Version: Coinhero's sketchbook
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[Image: NB93Adk.jpg]fuck art history and boring graphic design crap
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I didn't have the time to come up with a idea today. Finals are hard
johann koler[Image: IzNuFwJ.jpg]
I'm almost done with university stuff
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Hi Coinhero!

I think you're headed in the right direction, but here are a couple thoughts for you about lighting and color. The lighting in your scenes could mix more and create more harmony and believability. For example, the few spots of sun hitting the stones at bottom and center could cast light onto the environment next to them. Consider the way this might shift the color hue and saturation. By default we underestimate how much light is bouncing around and having a great time going all over the place.

Check out this post from James Gurney:

And this vid by Marco Bucci:

Hope this helps!
I love those vibrant colours! But I have a feeling that in some of your paintings, a lot of noisy contrast is taking away from the focal point.
Maybe it could help you to concentrate on putting sharp edges and high contrast (in value and colour) mainly where you want to lead the viewers eye.
Like in that painting with the crow that is landing. It seems to be about the crow, but those dark shadows of the tree on the ground take away from the attention it deserves. Putting softer edges on the shadow, using lighter values or using bigger and softer shapes might help with that.

I hope that helps a bit, and keep it up!
Thanks for the great feedback I will try to work on my mistakes. I still have some university stuff to get out of the way and haven't had the time to really sit down and try to paint something with a bit more thought put into it. I feel like I'm trying to paint stuff that is way out of my league and its frustrating me a lot. Maybe doing only studies for a week or two might be a good idea.[Image: mvfNobw.jpg]
stupid bug drawing that I will never finish
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