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Full Version: Coinhero's sketchbook
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[Image: dXIccbG.jpg]

wanted to make a silly halloween image and made this sketch. I've started painting in already, hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow. Lighting is hard to imagine so I'm shooting reference but since I'm going for a stylized look its kind of a mess but things are starting to click, my brush work is still fucking terrible tho -_-
I guess I'm drawing anime now hmm
I like where this is going :)
[Image: 9v3XTCD.jpg]

It's more or less finished just need to do some small things and now I wait till the 31st to share it around. Overall I'm really happy with this but there are some small things I don't like.
And now back to slaving away at university work
[Image: uARzHu7.jpg]

sketch I made today for a watercolor painting I want to work on. Recently I've mostly been making ink copies of Sargent paintings and working on stuff I don't want to post online yet and its been hard to not disappear from the internet. 
Work keeps piling up and I'm just falling behind, I really want to do mapcrunch studies again or just copy Anders Zorn paintings but there's only so many free hours in a day and there's little girls that need drawing -_-
If I don't share stuff everyday I just forget to do it x.x maybe I should start again idk

Here's the watercolor painting from the sketch I posted last time

[Image: fySgX6t.jpg]

I fucked it up a lot but the girl looks great 

also made this the other day 

[Image: huOgXZI.jpg]

my favorite painted page so far, it just looks nice to me idk it was really hard. Mostly done just need to do the boring stuff

and currently I'm working on a sticker bomb style image that I would have to copy on a box and paint it all and not fuck up somehow

[Image: 4tMPKA0.jpg]

I need to draw like 20 more figures to finish it and despite all the drawing being so simple its still hard to come up with different faces and stuff

Also I'm having trouble painting from a picture, I find it easier to just add stuff from imagination or just change an image to a completely different lighting than outright copying it and its very strange. I think that's more bad than good and I'm not sure when it happened but I'll try to do some google street view studies or something. Maybe the problem is that I've been painting in a very stylized way for a long time and just don't feel comfortable with anything else
I Really dig the tiger in all your painting. Nice work !
@Baldgate thanks, animals are really hard to draw so I never do anything difficult when it comes to poses or angles with the tiger but I'll try to work on that

[Image: hYPyUmH.jpg]

Finished sketch, I actually copied this on paper and painted all of it, its for a test um... packaging thing for university. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow its too dark now.
sketched this today

[Image: FlSwPYT.jpg]

 and some paint

[Image: 0paXU4G.jpg]
[Image: i1itfDf.jpg]

shapes merging together
Spent the day making another box maket because now i have to actually paint the whole thing and print it, put it all together and make  a cover... all before monday
[Image: izQC30t.jpg]
 some of the faces are references because I'm all out of brain juice but it also works pretty well. I need to draw like idk 5-8 more and the lines are done. First time when I was making the smaller version the painting was super fast but I can't paint this in a systematic order digitally because everything gets to flat. idk its late 
[Image: njybRm2.jpg] 
also I've almost filled this "sketchbook" with just like random stuff, this is from today just thinking up stuff in class. When i fill up all the pages I might go through them and share some of the more interesting sketches if its not too much of a pain. Mostly just copies of art I like.
[Image: K3J998g.jpg]

I've been working on this for so fucking long and the painting part is pretty much done now, still need to resize stuff and do the graphic design but yea this is it. I wanted to finish it today so that I can print it tomorrow but I painted for 12 hours straight and now I don't have the energy to do the design bits T.T Never painted for so long before its hard.

I also bought a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 a while back and I got it from customs a couple of days ago, it's great I've used a new cintiq for a bit before when I was at a wacom event and there's like no real difference in feel in my opinion and I like the color output on the Huion more, only bad thing I've noticed so far is that the pen kind of squeeks when you press down hard and has some light bleed. It's a pretty good deal I think.

After I finish everything on this I'll start working on a cover
[Image: qDTL8Us.jpg]

sketch I made in one of my classes, just trying to come up with a cover page 

and here is the digital version
[Image: Q7O4o44.jpg]

I think this is fucking terrible, I can't stand looking at this image as it is now, worst part is I think that it can maybe work, like there's potential but I just can't pull it out -,-
I started salvaging this image already, keeping only the sky pretty much, I'll post what I came up with tomorrow it's just scribbles at this point.
[Image: ILWuO1t.jpg]

fuck this its too hard to paint an image that doesn't take its self seriously I'm going back to the sketch from way back 

[Image: 7WBbWIJ.jpg]

this one is awesome
[Image: AAniSfM.jpg]

worked on the foliage today, didn't have much time to paint tho. Edges are hard
[Image: FLdLNXs.jpg]

it's pretty close to being finished just need to do the really annoying stuff now
[Image: kYJTXDW.jpg]

I made this today and it sure is something
Starting a painting is hard

[Image: bcf7ZCc.jpg]

also this thing

[Image: Z9Et9Yr.jpg]

it's gross 

[Image: kgJuj7B.jpg]

made a test print today to compare colors and to look at things in scale. CMYK really didn't screw up as much as I thought, saturation is pretty much the same but shadows are a little to dark. I'll take good pictures when I print stuff for real not just a test.

Holidays are going to be a big problem I've got no chill at the moment
bad boys

[Image: FzPdz50.jpg]

I've been painting with just the hard round a lot recently, big flat shapes, using mostly 3 values and just trying to keep everything simple. Also I've been slowly learning all things 3D for a while now, I'll post stuff when I fee like it.
University finals are almost done and I'll pick up the pace after, just have one more presentation to make and I need to talk with the art history teacher because I didn't pass her class 2 years ago and I can't get a diploma unless I do T.T
[Image: wh2aVgd.jpg]

when an image looks like this and you have to make everything work :)))))ez

also here is a turntable of the sculpt I'm working on 
[Image: 94KQXgu.gif]

I'm mostly learning the tools and basic concepts. Still have a lot of work to the but I got all the main shapes in today and it feels good
[Image: tdv5Z19.jpg]

another color sketch
I've got 2 pages left that are just lines. I'll do a lay in like this so that I have a good base to work on and try to finish the painting stuff by the end of the month
[Image: XkS11jy.jpg]

and some more
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