Sickbrush "Fantastic Daggers" class
Nice one Karnich! I love the metal textures on the navy knife :) Keep going man!

Hey guys,

totally fallen out of schedule here D= heres my self portrait.

Learnt alot from this, time to move on.

Gonna start doing these assignments, thanks for putting the time into making these sickbrush.
these are'nt that good, ton of mistakes on them(might re-draw them after the other ones actually)
I have'nt had a tablet for a while and i'm still trying to re-adjust my self to drawing on it.
only got the caucasians done so far.

Mind if I join a year and a half late?

Here's my first assignment. That lasso tool one was super hard! Ugh, not happy with my result.

[Image: lasso_zps57ade92f.png]

And the faces-

[Image: faces1copy_zps562d8083.png]

[Image: faces2copy_zps7c26e43f.png]

Just getting started. I would love some crits/feedback.

[Image: assign_1_races_by_nickbernstein-d6jr658.jpg]
Nice work! You really captured the different types of features well, especially on the black and asian men.

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finally done with these, took me alot longer then I was expecting to. anyway now on to the lasso tool assignment,

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Keep pushing, people!
Here's the lasso assignment, I was tired while doing this so it's not that great but I did learn alot from it which is the important part.

I know this is beyond late but I couldn't resist a stab at the lasso assignment. In time I may get around to the other ones. Cheers.

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