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I use this web application to gather reference photo in one place. It have chrome extension so you can grab any photo from any page and past it on your board. Allow scaling, rotating etc. It boost my productivity a lot.
[Image: r7mwih.png]

Good references with block outs and great tips.

Shaddy Safadi video tutorials
Step by Step for setting up your photoshop and computer
episode 0 :

Digital Painting
episode 1 :
episode 2 :
episode 3 :
episode 4 :
episode 5 :
episode 6 :
episode 7 :
episode 8 :

Shaddy brushes

I don't know if this was posted before but this tool is pretty cool :

It's a virtual lighting studio ! You can adjust the lighting and all !
I hope this helps.

Tutorials grabbed from various parts of the internet,Photo refs on various human figures, and a couple enviorment and animal photos (The site in general has a bunch of stuff)

Another pininterest called Character Designs. (I don't really know how to describe this one.)Insane

A whole bunch of figures in motion.Millitary based Reference, People reference
another large source of tutorials and other things.

A guide on Arthropods(Insects,Aracnid,Crabs,etc)

MuddyColors a collaborative blog of various illustrators. It has some neat stuff.

Lectures on concept design by Paul Richards

"Thumb War"

"Find the Design"

"Visual Remix"

Looks like nobody posted yet - great for landscape studies/inspiration!

SketchbookDeviantartArtblog | Portfolio
Every feedback is appreciated!
Hello, I posted up a custom brush I made to paint a Dragon with.... it's a Dragon Scale Brush...

You might find it useful... you might not. But it's here if you want to try it! :)

Sup daggers,

Since my recent hand issues, I've been on the prowl for preventative measures I can take - and among a bunch of stretching exercises, I came across this:

For PC:
For Mac:

It's a nifty little app that forces you to take breaks!
Helping to minimise all those nasty injuries artists can develop through working in a bad ergonomic environment.

I modified the app to how I like it: 30second micro-breaks every 10mins and 5mins breaks every hour (these rest breaks toggle a display of various stretches too!)
You can customise when you want the breaks to occur and how long they occur for - through right-clicking the icon and selecting "Preferences"

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Ron Lemen's head tutorial.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Awesome video explaining edges, and all ways they apply to painting:

Check out the other videos in the channel too, some great info.
And here is the artist blog for some additional info:

Damn that is an awesome video series thanks Ursula.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Muddy Colors - loaded with good stuff. Excellent series going on by AD Lauren Panepinto..

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Hey guys,

in my home town we celebrate a huge medieval event every four years, called the "Landshut Wedding" (click for wiki info)... it has a very strong focus on authenticity, the participants have to grow their hair, can't even wear their own underwear, but get medieval stuff etc :)
So, if anyone cares for some medieval reference material of European clothing from around 1475, I shot some photos of the wedding procession and uploaded them... feel free to have a look!

Download here: (~400 files, 130 mb)

Some preview images can be found on my blog (don't want to spam this thread):

SketchbookDeviantartArtblog | Portfolio
Every feedback is appreciated!

if any of you haven't heard of Massive Fantastic (it's highlighted in hot pink for a reason...) check it da the *bleep* out!

It's just an absolutely sexual website full of interviews by none other than Dave Rapoza, Nathan Fowkes, Jaime Jones and the like - there are also loads of videos, podcasts and a whole lot'a mouth-watering good stuff. :3

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
OMG - that are really wonderful references!!!! Love every one of it. <3 <3 <3

(07-17-2013, 01:55 AM)Lyraina Wrote: I shot some photos of the wedding procession and uploaded them... feel free to have a look!

Download here: (~400 files, 130 mb)

Some preview images can be found on my blog (don't want to spam this thread):

Sorry if this has been posted already (I did a forum search but found nothing), but I just came across an AMAZING character/vehicle/building/weather generator for anyone who is stuck for inspiration!


You can use the menu on the left to select specific things, eg. characters *CLICK HERE.*

Also this one is great too, same principal: *Chaotic Shiny*.

Thanks to Matt Kohr at Ctrl+Paint for sharing these. Hope they're useful to some people!

(11-22-2012, 03:31 AM)eZTarg8 Wrote:
(11-11-2012, 02:52 AM)mindwrack Wrote:

some really graphic uncensored photos from frontline in syria, some of them could be great for studies
(warning - lots of death)

really powerful stuff, I feel almost disrespectful using it as reference..., but its an amazing collection of photographs. thank you

it not disrespectful in my opinion since photography itself is a form of art and the one who is being disrespecful is the one taking the photo.those photo show reality and that a form of respect so it 50/50 no debat please
Skull resources

How to improve yourself in general as artist

The first step part
Make sure you're mentally and physically ready.(make all the necessary to boost you're self esteem )

The social part
Talk to someone who is doing what you want to do ― One of the biggest timesavers (and confidence boosters) when setting out to learn something new is to talk to someone who has already mastered what you want to do.How to do this like so.

Take art class to meet local artist
Spend time on forum
Watch Livestream
Go to art galerie
Go to Vernissage

The time management part
Do Checklist of thing to do

Use technology to track time

The most important part
Draw until you die(as much as possible)this is the main key to improve drawing skill but ask also for critique so you don't stag for to long

Be smart part

Accept the risks arising from a decision.

See mistake as a way to improve something.(you don't need to be perfect )

Simplify you're working method.(shortcut)

Do not copy someone be yourself.(we are what we are)

Avoid distraction.No cellphone or unnecessary social media interaction .Work in a quiet space.

Avoid focusing to much on detail.

Learn to say no.

Be aware of the time.

Be organize

Work with quality material

Avoid being lonely for to long.

Avoid negativity.

Avoid unsupportative or negative people.

Do not expect people to approve all the choose you make.

Do not expect people to make you feel good but be good to yourself.

Face you're fear

You mustn't rest on your laurels.

Remember to avoid old mistake and take note(note are important it not like a flow of idea that you need to remember it on paper so you just need to make a clear name for each category of thing you want to remember)

Find someone who will give you honest feedback in the same field you try to improve(do not take anything they say personal )
Measure your progress ― Keep an accurate journal of the progress you make. This will keep you on track to meet the learning timetable you've set for yourself. Follow this schedule religiously. Don't turn on any distraction until the task is done.

Stay hydrated by drinking water.Why here some point.
Memory Function
Proper hydration will improve the blood flow and oxygen flow to your brain, strengthening cognitive function and memory.

Stay healthy.Why here some point • Better overall health. • Feeling and looking better. • Lower risk of disease. • More energy. • A healthy body weight. • Stronger muscles and bones.

Sleep 8 hour.Why here some point • Improve memory • Sharpen attention • Lower stress

Get resource part

Get useful tool to speed up learning curve
(book,tutorial,image bank,time management tool,use forum feedback)

The study part

Study the material more than once ― Often, when people take a course or read a book, they only go through it once. Yet, to really master the information, you need to go through it multiple times. You'll find you always learn something new and come away with a better understanding of your subject matter. Plus, make a note to go through the material again six or twelve months down the road or as need be.

Don't try to learn it all in one session ― studies was shown that learning is more effective when it is spread out over time rather than jammed into a grueling study session. (Picture a college student pulling an all-nighter.) This insight has been confirmed by other researchers since this discovery. So instead of reading a new program or "how-to" book over the weekend, you might want to pace yourself and set up scheduled study times over a number of days or weeks. Chances are, you'll wind up reducing your learning curve by taking a more measured approach.

Challenge yourself part

The Race is On
Compete against yourself to see how much you can get done of high value each day. Make it a game. Set schedules and deadlines for yourself and race against the deadlines. See if you can get more and more done in less time and improve your learning curve.

Develop a clear vision for yourself as a highly productive person. Think about the times in your life when you were most productive, effective and efficient. Think about those situations when you were doing the right things and you were doing them in the right way. You were getting a lot done in a short period of time. You felt terrific about yourself and your performance. You were in that magical state of “flow,” when you felt happy and exhilarated.

Work hard part

Work Harder to Increase Productivity
work harder at what you do. When you work, work all the time you work. Don’t waste time. Don’t look upon the workplace as an extension of school or university where you spend most of your time socializing with your friends. Instead, when you come into work, put your head down and work full blast for the entire day. This practice alone will enable you to increase productivity.

The work faster and better part

Work Faster with a Clear Vision
work faster. Develop a sense of urgency. Get on with the job. Don’t waste time. Develop and maintain a clear vision and a fast tempo in your work activities. Deliberately move faster from task to task. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll get done just by deciding to pick up the pace in everything you do.Understanding fast, think fast, act fast.Learn how use technology efficiently.How to use a certain program or How to use keyboard short cut etc.

Value what you do part

Chose High Value Projects
work on higher value activities(example:weakness or something you have interest in) Remember that it is not the number of hours you work that matters. Rather, it is the value of the tasks that you complete that counts. It is the quality and quantity of results that you achieve. The more time you spend on higher value tasks, the greater results you will obtain from every hour you put in.

The reward part

Showcase Your art so you feel proud of yourself(avoid being to proud it only to boost self esteem or else you will not improve as much as you can as i said in the smart part You mustn't rest on your laurels.)

Reward yourself
In order to motivate yourself, add in a reward for yourself at key achievement milestones. For instance, if the program you're learning is broken down into nine chapters, after completing the third, sixth, and ninth chapters, treat yourself to something special. It doesn't have to be big. It could be something like going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant or going to the theatre to see a movie.

Teach it to someone else part

Teach it to someone else ― A good way to test exactly how well you understand something is to try and teach it to someone else. There are two benefits to this. You will have to study more in order to put together the course material to teach it to someone else. And by actually teaching it to someone, you'll find you better understand and retain what you learn longer.
A very handy plugin/script for photoshop to aid drawing perspective and grids (it also works for parallel lines)


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