René Aigner's Sketchbook
Lovely sketchbook! I think I know your name/work from somewhere..must be deviantart..
I read that you're selftaught - where did you learn to do those nice construction drawings?
The last environment is great, I really like the overcast atmosphere :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Thanks Lyraina!
I learned how to construct forms in 3D space from Scott Robertson's excellent GNOMON DVDs (basic form constructiuon/ how to draw aircraft/hovercraft/cars). There's also his newest books coming out soon (how to draw, how to render, how to design), "How to draw" will be shipped in november. Excellent stuff.

[Image: stud_1013_19.jpg]

The plane designs are really professional, even the lineweights match up.
Also your environment rendering skills are badass.

Thanks a lot crackedskull!

A bit of old-school perspective (elevation conversion):

[Image: stud_1013_20.jpg]

Might come in useful when drawing from blueprints I think.

[Image: stud_1013_21.jpg]

painted from life:

[Image: stud_1013_22.jpg]

Thanks for replying, good thing that christmas isn't far! :D
Your drawings really are a pleasure to look at. Also, nice autumn-y still life :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
You're welcome Lyraina =)

[Image: stud_1013_23.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_24.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_25.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_26.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_26b.jpg]

Really inspiring technique and rendering for your environments! Really inspires me to want to do more of my own ;D A lovely thing to hear for both of us!

Thanks a lot Adzerak! I'm always glad to hear people say that looking at my work makes them want to create art.

This is WIP:

[Image: stud_1013_27wip.jpg]

Man, these are juicy! Absolute fantastic vehicles :)

Aw yeah, you're over here too. Subcribed to the thread!
I'm going to get into landscapes soon, these are a great inspiration (:
Respect for the amount of work you do, looking at the fact that you're still studying at a university.
Keep it up.

nice loving the brush strokes in your work alot of energy

Eraiasu, Budgie, nufftalon; Thanks so much people! I really appreciate your kind words =)

This is final, tried to keep some of the original roughness/dynamic:

[Image: stud_1013_27.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_28.jpg]

Great work in here Rene, the bg and perspective stuff is lookin top notch. I see you did some human model drawing a page back, would be cool to see you do some character concepts as well, if possible.

Thanks a lot Dennis. You're absolutely right. I realized that I was spinning my wheel the last few days, doing those enviros. It was fun but I didn't learn terribly much doing it... I hate it when I do that to myself, repeating stuff I've done lots of times before just because it feels "easy". Damn. Will get into character design next, keep working at the stuff I suck at instead of repeating stuff I feel comfortable doing.

[Image: stud_1013_29.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_29b.jpg]


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