René Aigner's Sketchbook
I'm looking forward to seeing some out-of-your-comfort-zone things! Although I can't really complain either way, as I do quite enjoy seeing all this hard surface end enviro stuff :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Thanks so much Lyraina, and for frequently popping in here and leaving a few words. I'll return the favour and come by your SB soon (and to thers as well of course), there's just so little time...

I said I'd get into character design more, and what better opportunity than the CHOW activity at conceptart. Briefing was "Zombie Captain Ahab". Boy, this kind of work is quite out my my comfort zone. Really need to work more on my character skills.

[Image: ahab_1.jpg]

[Image: ahab_1b.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_30.jpg]

Post number 25 is awesome :D

It reminds me so much of aeroplanes from TaleSpin :)
It would be great to watch a video of you drawing a plane.

Thanks Prabu! People keep telling me to do more vids, so far I've just not been able to find the time, but it'll definetely happen at some point!

[Image: stud_1013_31.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_32.jpg]

wow. your latest studies look really great! I love the colors! Keep it up!
Thanks a lot mate!

Two quick studies from screencaps, trying to get a bit more expressive and efficient with my brush strokes:

[Image: stud_1013_33.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_34.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_35.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_35b.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_36.jpg]

Another architectural study. I'm using the Architect's method, also known as elevation conversion, to nail the basic proportions here. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a technique that converts top and front view of an object into perspective view. The great thing about this technique is that you can use absolute measurements in the top/front views that translate correctly into perspective view.

[Image: stud_1013_37.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_38.jpg]

I like You approach to studies and how You do them :) I think You put in them much thoguht.
As for perspective studies - do You learn from New Masters Academy ? Or maybe You have other sources? On NMA it's very well covered topic but it will take weeks to finish it.

Mannequin's Blog :)

Mannequin's CD sketchbook

Deviantart - Add me to Friend list :)

Thanks Mannewuin! I use Scott Robertson's GNOMON DVDs on form building for my perspective studies. And Norling's "Perspective made easy".


[Image: stud_1013_39.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_39b.jpg]

Love those buildings :). Would be cool if you designed entire cities with landmarks & then turned it to 3D.
Like an open world game.

Hha, cool odea Prabu. Might get very complicated with the architect's method though. Probably faster to do a mock-up in sketchup instead.

[Image: stillife2610.jpg]

[Image: stillife2610b.jpg]

ooh nice aeroplane drawings, and I love that zombie captain up top.

I love the different airplanes. They really have some personality in both shape, and wear and tear.

Zombie Ahab looks fantastic!

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Love your sketchbook...particularly your perspective work.


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