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More doods and stuff :) Just trying to draw stuff I don't usually do~

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Shin's Sketchbook ▼ ▼ ▼Patreon ▼ ▼ ▼ dArt
I'm not a painter so I'm definitely not the best person to be talking about these things but, just in case this helps.

In the sphere painting you aren't accounting for the light bounced off of the ball back into the ground plane, which would be especially noticeable in the cast shadow area, you have the gradient for the general occlusion shadow but it should be more defined than that, also since the top plane of the sphere is much brighter than the top plane of the ground I'm assuming they have a different local value(different materials), in that case you should be able to see the contrast between the parts of the sphere that reflect the ground and the ones that reflect the walls.

You should even see a very subtle reflection of the cast shadow on the ball itself

I also assumed there was some extra light coming downwards, from either a sky, secondary ceiling light, or just a ceiling brighter than the table/ground plane

[Image: GNmZD4L.gif]

here's kind of a replication done in blender (a lot of things are different, I made the ground a lot more reflective, but hopefully it still makes sense), you can see how the sphere reflects on the ground plane.

ignore that specular in the shadow area, that's from the lightsource reflecting off of the ground

[Image: rKSJdLa.png]

I didn't calculate everythin super correctly, reflections on spheres are a pain, but yeah, maaaaybe this helped ? maybe not.

EDIT, fixed it a tiny bit, but yeah, mine is still very sloppy

Just went back through a couple of pages and it's great to see all your studies and character concepts—and really like your color choices.

Keep it up

Been a while since I was last here last time !
Here's some "done" stuff I've been on about, any kind of review is apriciated uwu

Shin's Sketchbook ▼ ▼ ▼Patreon ▼ ▼ ▼ dArt
Lovely stuff Shin :).

I particularly like the first piece - the cloudy maelstrom background looks great!

On the third piece (the lady with the scythe) her left leg looks a little short to me - something to watch out for. Maybe your perspective work is a bit off here - I find sketching in a quick horizon-line and perspective grid really helps with that stuff.

Keep posting dude!

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