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My material for the fourth assignment. (A bit late)

Some studies of the Starks.

[Image: 3ZDvpsz.jpg]
[Image: bTI3UKc.jpg]
[Image: BOBstHD.jpg]

Six open expressive mouth studies.

[Image: BP0vrZx.jpg]

..and a face from imagination, using the colour palette of the Sansa Stark study.

[Image: j0WQ4DO.jpg]

[Image: wyBBCjJ.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
My results for the fifth assignment.

[Image: BknNP2Z.jpg]

May add the bonus portraits, if I can complete them in time for the class.

Here's this weeks assignment and some studies and older faces:

[Image: facesassignment.png]

[Image: crying_girl1.png]

These faces are older (like a week or so):

[Image: faces.png]

[Image: jaredpadalecki.png]

ehm.... started way too late and well... better not talk about it...

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ugh, I tried my best... but I only got this far :(

4/7 faces done. Maybe I'm putting too much work into each one of them? I don't know. I like to get it down as good as I can.

[Image: jx0wYPU.jpg]
[Image: Rh0hQ73.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
All the mistakes!
Skull shapes are off, ears misplaced, lopsided faces/jawlines, blah blah blah

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i finally did it.
It is not good but i learned a lot already. I am not used to paint wihtout references... Big challenge..
Thanks to the daggers that helped me to re-motivate myself. <3

[Image: emotions_by_wolkenfels-d64wqv8.jpg]

This is a little something more basic upon request of a few people.
It's a little bit about construction a face. I hope it's helpful :D feel free to ask me questions.

[Image: N6lhZQQ.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
I don't know if i can post ,
i have just discovered this amazing class
and decided to do as much as i can
is it too late ? :S

Here a the first part of the first week..
the two skull studies.

[Image: 8732380263_ed4f136833.jpg]
[Image: 8732380115_ac3dcbf882.jpg]
Hey Florent - welcome to the class. This is free to participate for everyone and also you joined late i think you can catch up. (And also if you dont catch up and just doing the assingments late you will learn a bunch) Join us at Wednesday for the livestream! :)


So here are last weeks faces again. I thought I did the other 3 as well but it turns out I forgot to draw surprise >.<

[Image: 5ilZZJA.jpg]

and here are this weeks faces, or well.. as far as I got... I didn't color all of them and not all of them got the same treatment with refinement and such, but I tried.

[Image: WAGapCg.jpg]

thre we go. :)
Here are my faces for this weeks assignment. Some may be a bit better than others.

It's becoming a lot clearer that I really struggle with painting values (especially from imagination), since Suzanne pointed it out a few weeks back. So, that's something I may have to focus on for a bit.

[Image: 9SHZYhp.jpg]

Also, Happy Birthday Suzanne. :)

hey ,
so wireframes skull from week one,
i overlayed a skull below to focus on wires. (not the one one the left shaded)
[Image: 8744619030_2c1ba95138.jpg]

week two skull ( i took the references and add some others )
[Image: 8743542825_1403aa7f97.jpg]

week three: facial muscles ..first time i studied them in movement..
i will probably do it again to understand more :)
[Image: 8743499535_17476d56b2.jpg]
[Image: 8743499637_e92fb12319.jpg]

this one was from the zbrush reference on assignment 1.
[Image: 8743521599_f8cff4a1e7.jpg]

i don't think i want to catch you up..there is too many informations to grasp but i will do my best to keep on it :) .
here are my faces and some studies of heads I'd do before each face.

[Image: faceassignmnet2.png]

[Image: headstudies.png]

Hi guys! As you know I didn't do a class last Wednesday, so feedback about your last stuff will be done upcoming class :D
in the meantime, here is another assignment to get started on head angles :D

[Image: 4vxInUe.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Might be helpful for people who are having troubles with noses.

today , I redid the exercices i have already posted to be sure i m getting the informations.

[Image: 8754304791_2b2eace946.jpg]
[Image: 8755428072_b89f0f02cc.jpg]

this one was to check if i could remember the muscles , because i have never studied them before..and to draw some expressive faces i think i need to know a little bit more where they are :)

[Image: 8755414268_4ee24ee993_c.jpg]

just some reference shots for the actual homework (bigger version here )

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