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Nice skulls! Here are mine:

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Awesome studies so far!

Heres what I've got:

[Image: NGYO779l.jpg]
[Image: Z5WT3ICl.jpg]
[Image: NfpZ3KMl.jpg]

Here they are

[Image: 1056NB9.jpg]

The anatomical part is admittedly a bit rushed, but painting the skulls was actually quite some fun. Here they are:

My progress on assignment one so far.

Some preparation sketches, to begin with, followed by the labelled anatomy study and the 3/4 realistic skull study.

[Image: GY6gVcs.jpg]

[Image: XEcRzoe.jpg]

[Image: QtMTlS0.jpg]

Just the front facing realistic skull study yet to complete.

Really nice submissions! Here's my 3/4 skull. Hurt my right hand playing volleyball..... so I'll try to do the rest of them with my left hand (will be terrible and funny) haha!


here are mine - the schematic one is missing - will do that later.
the first one is half a year old - the second is new (I can see at least at the teeth that i learned something in the meantime.

[Image: skull_study_next_try_by_wolkenfels-d53lrat.jpg]

[Image: skull_frontal_study_by_wolkenfels-d60vx7r.jpg]

[Image: Dz3Plbk.jpg]
[Image: Scxotxe.jpg]

Yup, there is one missing as Suzanne already knows, but for the first time in my life I wholeheartedly believe I can rightfully blame school for this.
Good work on the other skulls guys :D I wish I had time to critique you all, but I'll just have to do it random from time to time when I have the time XD
Here is the class material and the next assignment I'm going to stream about in a few minutes.

[Image: UwbiYhz.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Hey there everyone!!

Here is my first post for this class! I have not been able to do too for now, but I will have it done by next week.

There's a WIP of the frontvieuw below, I will still have to put a few more hours of work in for the final rendering of the texture and such :).

[Image: JuM7730.jpg]
here are my 1st weeks assignments

[Image: anatomyskullstudy.png]

[Image: skullfront.png]

[Image: skull2.png]


This is the 3/4 skull study I did. Loved the texture and the colors, learnt alot from painting this.

Hello! Here my assigment №2. I draw it all day long and it looks finished but maybe i'll fix something)

Did this lazer projection on skulls from 1st assigment

Aaaaand I'm done

[Image: Skulls.jpg]

here is mine - done while being on a convention so maybe not as good as it should be - but it is a good training i think.
[Image: celebrity_heads_and_skulls_by_wolkenfels-d61p8nq.jpg]

Still stuck at the first assignment because I love those skull refs, the texture and the colour are awesome! Had so much fun painting this...tnx Craig Paton for the refs u posted :)

Done with this weeks assignment:

Here are the rest of my materials for assignment one. Front realistic skull study, inc. ref and wips.

[Image: zwZaiB2.jpg]

[Image: ju7mg89.jpg][Image: 9dnQ44w.jpg]

[Image: b9poPJa.jpg]
[Image: QhMl5OP.jpg]

And, my results for the second assignment.

[Image: OuyCfe2.jpg]

heres my 2nd assignment:

[Image: 607550946c99780f4582321b100f6203.png]

[Image: gOdlwCZ.jpg]
This was so much harder than initially expected TT^TT

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