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whooooh!! next lesson! :D

I finished up the study from last week and did the rest as well, unfortunately though I failed to finish the final assignment by 2 skulls :(

[Image: 3LgCtGv.jpg]
[Image: xGUYRaz.jpg]
[Image: qyz6zBQ.jpg]
[Image: 7hVTS0y.jpg]
This is a document on plastic sugery of the face, for the people who want to know more:

[Image: oEL8Lem.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Hello. Done third assigment. It was a lot of fun) Can't wait to see new assigment!
(For references i used faces from page number 6 here: and from book "anatomy for artists")

And here i did vanitas studie. I know it isn't the same as painting from life, but i haven't stuff for vanitas composition, and distance between my screen and tablet not far enough) So i done something like master studie...

Thanks for that link Nikt, useful stuff.

I'll just throw in the skull I did, learnt quite a lot :D

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Sketchbook | Deviantart | Blog

"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"
This week's assignment
Also, a couple of quick portraits for the bonus part.

[Image: Assignment.jpg]

the schematic skull from the first assignment, a speedpaint skull and the facial muscle stuff (yeah i know happy looks a bit weird because of the transformed mouth)
[Image: schematic_skull_by_wolkenfels-d62ig1i.jpg]
[Image: still_life_study_skull_by_wolkenfels-d62h929.jpg]
[Image: facial_muscles_by_wolkenfels-d62ifvt.jpg]

Hey guys,

This is my facial expressions exercise I did. I thought I'd better do more sketches of different facial expressions than 2 well rendered portraits for 2 emotions.
Hope I caught the right feel in the sketches.

So much good work! I am little behind so here's assignment 2:

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The notes I took are off assumptions and observations while moving my own face and looking at reference images.

Assignment 3:

[Image: facemusclestudy_turnin.png]

here some portraits i did for bonus assigment:

(~3 hours)

(~4.5 hours)

and face sketches from imagination...

Assignment 3, looking forward to make the bonus when I have more time.

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Woop! next class soon :D

Here is my homework for this class, Assignment 3:

[Image: 7mgRrkW.jpg]

and the assignment from last class that I now finished:

[Image: 4dpo3yx.jpg]

^^ I like this stuff

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Here are my results for assignment 3.

Hopefully I've done this correctly, everyone seems to have done this assignment a bit differently.

I've included some additional sketches on the subject of facial muscles and emotions.

[Image: OOu3i18.jpg]

And, my bonus portraits. Quick portraits of some friends from my Facebook.

[Image: pJbUT65.jpg]

[Image: ibq8cgD.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Really liking the progress I'm making so far.

This weeks assignments;

3 portrait line studies:
[Image: JANjyoF.jpg]
[Image: RqVnzDB.jpg]
[Image: 6jZC1zB.jpg]

2 portait studies:
[Image: Lm8NTha.jpg]
[Image: JqYlNPG.jpg]

and finally, the sexy man:
[Image: 2GIOG4t.jpg]

week 4:

[Image: portraitassignment1.png]

[Image: portraitassignment2.png]

[Image: portraits.png]

my try
[Image: johnsnow_by_wolkenfels-d636hf5.jpg]

Since I was in the Czech Republic while you guys got your cool assignments I just agreed with Suzanne on doing 10 value sketches of every main feature :)
[Image: HbJdFtY.jpg]

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