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and here is my homework..
[Image: heads_homework_by_wolkenfels-d65xijw.jpg]

Awesome stuff guys :) I can't join up because of some matters on the other side of life, but its plenty inspiring to watch you guys get better!

Anyhoo, Ten24 just released a free 3d SKULL SCAN! You guys can download it an rotate it in ZBrush :D

[Image: IqzsmrL.jpg]
Assignment seven results. 43 heads, some okay, some scrappy and rushed.

[Image: qoI24B7.jpg]

[Image: Gg9zMst.jpg]

I couldn't finish in time :(

[Image: 40heads.png]

here are my 40 heads.

I rushes at the end , which is quite clear in the circle on the side of the head and lines....


[Image: Ljnrfg6.jpg]
another 53 heads - makes 100 altogether -and i have to admit - at the end it went easier. and i also doodled some in a meeting with a pencil on the meeting minutes and it also came out okay.
[Image: portrait_head_homework_by_wolkenfels-d679ryh.jpg]

Hey guys, I'm Cristian and I just joined the site.I think will start the first skull assingment in a couple of days. Wish me luck :D
Yay daggers, what a pity that I discover this class so late! However, here is my first assignment.

Attached Files Image(s)

hey cristian and enrico - it is never too late!
love the style of that big skull, enrico!

Results for assignment eight, 50 head sketches (with eyes and noses and that), kind of quick and scrappy.

That puts my head total at 93. :)

[Image: X1xZ2a9.jpg]
[Image: T2YO1e9.jpg]
[Image: E4bzj1c.jpg]
[Image: exrBTPT.jpg]

Love your rendering style Enrico!! very nice :D
Never to late to join ^^

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
I really tried my best but I really only got as far as this..
I did try to make the best out of it though and give them all some character and interesting features after the first few emotionless ones really bored the shit out of me. For some reason, when they miss things like hair and other features they look dead to me, which makes it harder to see if my face is correct or not... o.O

anyways, here they are. 36 faces:

[Image: RywTblx.jpg]
[Image: Giuf8YV.jpg]
[Image: koVp7WR.jpg]
This, and another 50+ heads in my notebooks from school... I think I did 100+ this week but you'll have to believe me for I have no proof... (Also, sorry for not using the CD uploader)
[Image: DqaaWFs.jpg]
Those are real nice Anna. I like your Queen and Aliens. :)

Here is the assignment form last night's stream.
If you missed it or like to watch it again you will be able to find the video right here :
Lighting a Portrait

I've had a lot of questions from people lately asking me if I will do another Tutoring session after this one with new students. The answer to that is:
I will probably take some months off for myself, got lost of stuff I'd like to work on for which I didn't have time yet. I will however review the work of other people who do the assignments for this classes after I'm done with my current students. :)

In the meantime I'd like to share with you guys that there is another person giving portrait classes, Istebrak :) You'll find her forum post here: ISTEBRAK PORTRAIT CLASSES.

Good luck guys :D

[Image: qGGdcLL.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
This exercise was so hard, seeing across the skin, over the appearances..
Soon there will be the bonus assignment also because I'm an HardcorE!
Some of the skulls aren't right, I know, but I will keep practising this assignment! :)

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the bust showing the planes of a head that was talked about in the last class is called asaro head.

[Image: original.jpg]

full week ahead so i started the homework early.
I did not get any creative but followed Suuz examples to learn the layer modes better.
Very fun thing to do!

[Image: selfportrait_with_different_light_settin...68d56v.jpg]

That looks amazing Wolk.

Was going to update once I caught up, but I'd probably forget to include stuff if I leave it that long, so this is up to Assignment 5 I think...

Assignment #1:
Skull Front:
[Image: 130513-2.jpg]

3/4 Skull:
[Image: 130513-3.jpg]

[Image: 130513-4.jpg]

Assignment #2:
Skulls in Heads:
[Image: 130520-5.jpg]

Bonus Still life: (It was the fake skull from dickblick that I tried to make more realistic, done in 3 or so hours.. then my cat ate the leaves and knocked over the candelabra.. What cat eats leaves..
[Image: 130520-6.jpg]

Assignment 3:
[Image: 130520-8.jpg]

Assignment 3 Bonus:
[Image: 130520-9.jpg]

Assignment 4:
Didnt have Suz to give me a custom one, so I just did 3 studies since I think different looking faces/face construction in general is a weakness.
[Image: 130527-5.jpg]

[Image: 130527-6.jpg]

[Image: 130527-7.jpg]

Assignment 5:

Was living on Struggle Street for this one (Should have kept them in 1 file)

[Image: 130610-3.jpg]

[Image: 130610-4.jpg]

[Image: 130610-5.jpg]

[Image: 130610-6.jpg]

Contempt (This was by far the hardest and I failed imo)
[Image: 130610-7.jpg]

Surprise (Least favourite)
[Image: 130610-8.jpg]

[Image: 130610-9.jpg]

Except for Surprise I also made the palettes from my head, because skin tones are another weakness of mine.

Onto Assignment 6 :D


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