Rosolino Sketchbook

Hello guys,
First post here and Im very excited to keep going. Those are two of my latest finished pieces and something new I'm working on :)))!


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Woah awesome works! Would love to see more in the future! =)
In the last artwork it took me a while to notice the spider shadow, would be an idea to remove some of the shadows from the bushes to make the spider shadow pop out more.
Welcome man! Glad you made a sketchbook :D
I love the tight rendering combined with some lineart. Feels totally Art nouveau-ish but modernized. Hope to see one of those thumbnails painted man!

Nice thumbs. I'm curious what you come up with for that one :)

New stuffs !!

I still need to fix a lot about this perspective, but here is where i got so far! what you guys think ?
And i brought one portrait that took me 2hours to reproduce, i will try to do one per day..lets see if i make time haha, see you later guys!

And thx you guys for the feedback o/!!


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Yooooooooo (:

updating new stuffs, and more progressssss... hope you like it!

sorry for not bring too many things and be really fast this time, i m very tired :D

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wowwwww hello guys!

It's been a while since my last post! really sorry for the delay.
And today i brought my last studies: a self portrait (its not so well finished :T but i still liking it :D ), anothers portraitsss from photos( it is hard to do one per day.. hope i got into it soon ), and 2 update from my last pieces to portfolio( not sure what it's better.. )

And a video to you get motivated o/


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Really cool to see your process on this one. Going from thumb, to lighting, to sketch. Very cool!

Keep up the good work!

i need to get more focus on my art!.. :/

hey, we have a group guys : The study plan is about 1 quick study/sketch a day. and a semi-finished piece by sundays! would you like to participate??

hey guys!
I've been very busy with school work and my newest illustration for my portfolio! I apologize for the absence, and I hope I have not lost too many things around here. I'll try to redeem myself for missing these times, and all of your opnion about this my last illustration is very welcome, would be glad to hear them,

whoa! fantastic stuff here! keep it coming! :D

Heeeey, It's a nice sketchbook you have here. You have very clean style - I love it <3 Btw. Can I join your group? =D

i think i need to try some new kinds of studies, maybe some creations on PS and start to posting pages of my tradicional sketchbook :D

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Damn really nice portraits man, keep pushing it!

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Great stuff man! You really put a lot of work into those illustrations. Cool to see what goes into one of them badboys!

Love this new update. Great studies, keep rockin'!

What I m thinking?? this is a sketchbook page ou a portfolio ?? damn, feeling really stupid right now, where was i all this months?? got to get focusss

some motivational video o/:

owww yeeah!

amazing studies! This photo realistic rendering... cool) What i can suggest is to work more on textures, materials couse in your personal piece (post №11) her lether armour, metal shield and her elk, and etc looks like they made from the same material. I don't know, maybe you did this simplification intentionally but it is not looks cool, like, for example on Moby Francke works.


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