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I like your focus on construction and layin...make sure to keep that up as the layins are the biggest bang for buck you can do.

However you got a bit muddled in the last digi male ones. You really aren't looking at / analysing edge variation close enough in general imo and i find the edgework more confused between what should be specifically firm vs soft in the back study and way too linear and hard edged in the left torso one.

Edgework is so important. Give it priority after basic layins.

Also don't only work from photos. Try to get to life drawing or setup a simple lightbox setup / still life setup so you can paint from life. It's much easier to see form turn from life. Photos tend to sharpen up everything with too much detail to get lost in. Also be picky with the ref you choose to study. Single lit sources with distinct shadow and light shapes/masses are better to start with for when you want to train these basics.

You also perhaps didn't focus on a clear simplified mapping of the shadow masses and got caught up in trying to show too small tonal details at the end. Try specifically doing studies that go from two tone (i.e. one shadow/one light tone only) and slowly add more tonal shapes as you go. E.g. for 3 tone you can have 1 shadow/2 light (or 1 each of shadow light mid) whatever your aims are and the subject dictates. It then becomes a choice of the finer 'resolutions' you can drill down to (4 5 6 tones ad infinitum) and identify but all built off a strictly controlled hierarchy.

Imo charcoal on newsprint is the best way to learn drawing which aims at providing a better transition to painting because you can put in large mass tones easier. Also it seems like you might be working quite small when doing trad drawings? Working on larger sizes allows you to have a bit greater resolution and control which is helpful for learning. You will have to learn the Denzel overhand Gangsta grip though.
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Get the Harold Speed books.. Practice and Science of Drawing (read this one immediately) and eventually the Oil Painting Techniques and Materials one. Also the Solomon J Solomon one on Oil painting and drawing. Everyone should read these books if they are interested in the academic approach.

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