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Hey everybody,
I am new to this forum,
I will post some "How to Draw" sketches and figure drawings,
gonna update weekly.
[Image: S3YsbXa.jpg]
[Image: 9JJl60L.jpg]
[Image: hNAVuwg.jpg]
[Image: AdeOeVB.jpg]
[Image: oUCMmon.jpg]
[Image: wg2AS48.jpg]
[Image: hkNpOab.jpg]
[Image: mrcbcJV.jpg]
[Image: sGtSdVH.jpg]
[Image: RiwQGhj.jpg]
[Image: WPjD4A3.jpg]
[Image: 6kS9IRB.jpg]
[Image: hSmuykY.jpg]
[Image: vwbBja6.jpg]
[Image: 7WsZsIT.jpg]
[Image: 7JTsdfP.jpg]
"How to Draw" page 54-88
[Image: BN8Jqje.jpg]
[Image: Gnl5USo.jpg]
[Image: tnobJqR.jpg]
[Image: iQDYKxn.jpg]
[Image: o3qKGZ0.jpg]
[Image: E0Kk1Gt.jpg]
[Image: Z1wNL2B.jpg]
[Image: iE8PMQC.jpg]
[Image: DJK93pD.jpg]
[Image: p26G6fY.jpg]

[Image: VuoMkcx.jpg]
[Image: 53uZtdJ.jpg]
time: 30-35 hours (original by Dave Mkean)
[Image: blA8aLg.jpg]
[Image: NXK9QRR.jpg]
[Image: hFFvvEV.jpg]
[Image: ovslA8l.jpg]
[Image: pvaax6D.jpg]
[Image: xr6ZPBo.jpg]
[Image: qFcVgTG.jpg]
[Image: 8eWM4WU.jpg]
[Image: roAUoim.jpg]
atmospheric perspective study

[Image: kT9ZXsd.png]
it goes on with "How to Draw" stuff...

[Image: d0RTS9d.jpg]
[Image: b8MuMwO.jpg]
[Image: VaUoxta.jpg]
[Image: nyGzaYG.jpg]
[Image: 6TffyHb.jpg]
[Image: kJMsPaI.jpg]
[Image: imerrkw.jpg]
[Image: AHB7Rp0.jpg]
[Image: eY801bs.jpg]
[Image: xjpRgum.jpg]

[Image: Fk2seEE.jpg]
[Image: NntYbz2.jpg]
[Image: DWsw0m3.jpg]
[Image: pDYhCfi.jpg]
[Image: pAEM3MS.jpg]
[Image: SsAt6uL.jpg]
[Image: F3O9zyu.jpg]
[Image: YM8TGKQ.jpg]
[Image: WPlWZnK.jpg]

[Image: X0nHDtk.png]
[Image: 1CXOBZ1.png]
[Image: euDhJuZ.png]
Your perspective constructions look really solid Leonard. I'd love to see more from you. Are you aware of the John Park Gumroad stuff? There might be some really interesting resources for you!

Keep it up!
thank you, i'm gonna keep posting stuff later moving on to 'How to Render' :)
[Image: 0bwUq9X.png]
[Image: EfpoLN4.png]
[Image: 3CR4XJL.png]
Hot-rod base in Blender WIP:
[Image: HjBlcyE.jpg]
Scott Robertson YT Tutorial "ship rendering from the book BLAST"
[Image: dv66X7t.png]
refined the 3D-base
[Image: zWRiFrx.png]
[Image: FpQpR5m.png]
Hello Leonard, these constructions looks great. I think that drawing still lifes can help you a lot. And whats more, they are lots of fun if you think it that way. Keep in mind that every cool stuff is made from combination of simple geometric forms.

Keep it fun and don't overthink it :)
thanks man :)
some figuredrawings
[Image: ekMG0vV.png]
[Image: KVaW9Ue.jpg]
[Image: IM5XpDd.png]
[Image: Tvu0ICe.png]

[Image: mOnKXk7.png]
James Zapata study 3hours
[Image: 1BwR9AQ.png]
[Image: vKR2Up2.png]
[Image: sFFEFa3.png]
[Image: YxMuaXN.png]
Studies looking good! keep practicing and you should improve.
thx mate :)
[Image: 3JECM92.png]
[Image: qf9Cdwj.png]
[Image: wlF9e6X.png]
[Image: ZphLJmf.png]
[Image: 64qyHKG.png]
[Image: 4DtsSS0.png]
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