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Gothic sketches :)
[Image: 6Ch8YsR.png]
does anybody know this game? hahhh old times...
used some new brushes from Peleng :D
yuri boyka studies and figure-drawings :D
[Image: apSHedT.png]
[Image: NTCutfW.jpg]
Cool values! Keep working those constructive angles :). The drawing side of things will translate nicely into your more mass-oriented work.
thank you,
here are some more paintings with 'toplight'
Feel free to leave a critic guys :)
[Image: VImU7jw.png]
[Image: ZuEDdY6.png]
[Image: 5vfvuLn.png]
[Image: EYG1yy2.png]

and some "How to Draw" sketches

[Image: DgcLcAu.jpg?1]
[Image: muGQ5Fq.jpg]
[Image: yHY9GHq.jpg?1]
Hi! You're studying How to draw, great! Me too :) It's a really helpful book
yeah it's a really good book,
here are some silhouettes i did today :)
[Image: GJcL99v.png]
some small B/W comps for an upcoming illustration :)
[Image: Auw5DZS.png]
studies :)
[Image: CVYRFfk.png]
[Image: BdAN8Y9.png]
early sketch for the illustration :)
[Image: jdRmN3w.png]
little update :)
some studies and more work on the sketch
[Image: Z0NWn2S.png]
[Image: 7cUOnzo.png]
Really great studies and work man, I regret not studying H2D when I started out ;-; you're leveling up a ton and will continue to!
Your proportions on the last sketch (green) are definitely much better than on the initial one!
As for basic faces building, you could check out this video based on Loomis method, I find it even more informative than the Loomis book. 
I made a small PO for you based on this method, but I'm a novice too and might err, better check out the video! 
Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback guys :) really appreciate it.
Here are some studies and more work on the sketch, i think the head is better now, still not finished tho :)
the deadline for the illustration is 14.3.16.

[Image: etsdpmG.png]
[Image: hu1ZY6i.png]
[Image: bWes8oA.png]
Those toplight sketches are really badass, keep 'm coming!
Peleng ROCKS teh Artbah!

Good work with the studies and those moody mono top light pieces are really effective. 

I have some suggestions for your construction for the figure in your upcoming illustration. 

Using a mannequin or lay figure of sorts (the loomis one is awesome)to construct your figures.  The not as awesome but readily available ,physically, art mannequin, can be super useful too, as long as you appreciate its limitations.


Also, consider doing a round of clean up right after you lay down the sketch so you can define that line that you want.


Right now his face, suggests a skull that is too small to be filling out the hood so, you can try scaling down the hood or scaling up the face.

Hope you find something helpful :D

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the feedback, that helped a lot :)
Today i did some studies, worked on the sketch( changed the hands etc.)
and started with black and white :)
[Image: gCKja0t.png]
[Image: jsJ3kAS.png]
[Image: W0xgiF7.png]
some more black and white and some color comps :)
[Image: t6kwuHL.png]
[Image: pzyfipc.png]
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