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[Image: 0adjHEu.jpg]
[Image: l7y8hSF.jpg]
[Image: qfFKdmO.jpg]
[Image: 3wstalF.jpg]


[Image: LhyvUyF.jpg]
[Image: imNePHz.jpg]
[Image: nvN8QAg.jpg]
[Image: 9G36ahg.jpg]
[Image: 79KkGXS.jpg]
[Image: ZKjsHB7.jpg]
[Image: v4UXdi9.jpg]
[Image: 4qvCYuH.jpg]
[Image: vcXQnsW.jpg]
[Image: mfO7UdU.jpg]
[Image: 9K5aXpx.jpg]
[Image: mTwInY2.jpg]
[Image: eIKuPjU.jpg]
[Image: x1QG3m3.jpg]
[Image: mkKFkvr.jpg]
one pixel sketch inspired by alex negrea and kim jung gi :)
[Image: EGjLFfg.jpg]
[Image: MDAhH33.jpg]
[Image: ViLiAPz.jpg]
[Image: Mv0ZbbO.jpg]
[Image: iS5HgpF.jpg]
[Image: tlRbHuA.jpg]
[Image: cclOmAH.jpg]
[Image: 4g5ol9l.jpg]
You'r doing so great mate! ;)
thank you :)

[Image: 20GyCsN.jpg]
[Image: neiiTZg.jpg]
[Image: LJn0oxh.jpg]
[Image: aUp1Tej.jpg]
[Image: mWJfOm1.jpg]
[Image: 1Ltgr2c.jpg]
[Image: psEvVay.jpg]
[Image: p8T5yMK.jpg]
[Image: 94lKHJ8.jpg]
[Image: e4NxuZ5.jpg]
[Image: IlgHYVC.jpg]

[Image: n0RBKZk.jpg]
[Image: opEA1UI.jpg]
[Image: j1U2qy9.jpg]
[Image: LobRWyn.jpg]
[Image: jCI4tEH.jpg]
[Image: yTu850Q.jpg]
I really enjoy your studies especially the landscapes. The figure studies in post 151 and 152 have a lot of great dynamic, too. Keep it up! :)
thanks a lot ! ^^
some more thumbnails for CC7
[Image: 1cK6t3v.jpg]
current wip:
[Image: qi3vKhB.jpg]

some studies:
[Image: KbdQvBQ.jpg]
[Image: QPbNkPN.jpg]
[Image: bequ0Zv.jpg]
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