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[Image: QsmwDKL.jpg]
[Image: FIU1mnf.jpg]
[Image: QOQVfIO.jpg]
Killin it with these studies man, keep up the solid consistency.
will do :)
[Image: Q82ZjGl.jpg]
[Image: vrE6c2z.jpg]
[Image: 2wd0m4n.jpg]
[Image: QyTDj6C.jpg]
[Image: VQUeRW8.jpg]
[Image: qeq802N.jpg]
[Image: HUE4Oke.jpg]
[Image: nYnxM0d.jpg]
[Image: hIQIlIW.jpg]
[Image: THmRFUr.jpg]
[Image: nymVkk2.jpg]
[Image: mDpNnbH.jpg]
Wow! Been busy eh,

Only thing I can see is some of the facial feature measurements are a little off, pay attention to the distance between the eyes, and how the bottom of the nose protrudes from the face, also the protrusion of the mouth.

keep up the sweet learning!
oh yeah man I see what you mean,
will work more on the facial structures.

Here are some ears, noses and eyes...

[Image: NiSDOly.jpg]
[Image: xOye6F1.jpg]
[Image: kCI3MyE.jpg]
Very good! Can you make them fit together on a head and imitate a likeness of a person?  Say, someone easy like Vincent Cassell?
Thanks! will consider doing that, although i will focus more on finishing my daily studies. (100 a day)

[Image: YDyt9va.jpg]
[Image: CXf5pOQ.jpg]
[Image: GijLxY1.jpg]
Oh Damn! I just looked back at your first page and you are making Mucho Mucho improvements, and in such a short space of time too  Shock

That hard work is paying off my friend!
thanks man :)

idea for the current challenge:
[Image: w6ryxOb.jpg]
[Image: yauidjW.jpg]
[Image: rIllxSv.jpg]
[Image: FtXtlTU.jpg]
[Image: 5bpxcV6.jpg]
[Image: vSyNRER.jpg?1]
[Image: Jqf2f3y.jpg?1]
[Image: ZwVOuI7.jpg]
[Image: B0RrLI3.jpg?1]
[Image: WdrsMOf.jpg?1]
[Image: jzDoXgl.jpg?1]
[Image: NJkj0lO.jpg?1]
[Image: b96R75h.jpg?1]
[Image: mdDRobP.jpg?1]
[Image: UYhwCaf.jpg?1]
[Image: hrwNkzZ.jpg]
[Image: ATipKAP.jpg?1]
[Image: Lr8bsk3.jpg]
finished it :)
[Image: M8IQ9TS.jpg]

[Image: clCCe4U.jpg]
[Image: tvbkI3u.jpg]
[Image: kX8AmCh.jpg]

no reference:

[Image: r2WOoXp.jpg]

[Image: oU3q1Vs.jpg]
[Image: k1LZ7Jl.jpg]
[Image: YW1e6Ju.jpg]
[Image: o1GtqvV.jpg]
[Image: ezDWYWQ.jpg]

no reference:

[Image: CeIr68E.jpg]
[Image: QlPoCT9.jpg]


[Image: qY7Q3ef.jpg]
[Image: plrnnA5.jpg]
[Image: E6Ry2GA.jpg]
[Image: NIVMq86.jpg]
(EDIT: uploaded one of these already, sorry..)

[Image: 243l9Cq.jpg]
[Image: upXLvAA.jpg]


[Image: M0VDYjL.jpg]

inspired by bob meatbag :)
[Image: 0Dz0mtJ.jpg]
character from a friend :)  ( )
[Image: ZJY4d8v.jpg]

some gestures
[Image: KZqHuLi.jpg]
[Image: c3L1g0A.jpg]
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