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[Image: 2WHm6BJ.jpg]
here is the final ^^
[Image: TWZoTIr.jpg]
some landscape stuff from noah bradleys reference pack and mapcrunch

[Image: UPsFIkj.jpg]
[Image: YigodTO.jpg]
[Image: H3NSTaX.jpg]
[Image: ZR5cYiD.jpg]
[Image: R4cOGEZ.jpg]
[Image: VMSc5yg.jpg]

WIP portrait of oswin benjamin
[Image: 0R6GTrT.jpg]
[Image: Fi4cKFE.jpg]
[Image: pifoQAz.jpg]
[Image: La50tvJ.jpg]
[Image: y76fS2Y.jpg]
[Image: aPKXVv4.jpg]
[Image: wBKeueb.jpg]
[Image: on1TVh1.jpg]
[Image: 8vswXIK.jpg]

jama jurabaev studies :

[Image: iWpVhCk.jpg]
[Image: 1DwZU6Y.jpg]
forgot to upload these parcour studies from yesterday
[Image: GLLMmaF.jpg]
[Image: RxY2szG.jpg]
[Image: s6e6vM4.jpg]

finished the Oswin Benjamin Portrait :)

[Image: 2xBz6hn.jpg]
[Image: ZCmLGTp.jpg]
[Image: rPalsx4.jpg]
jama gumroad:

[Image: XJdd5VH.jpg]
[Image: rcQwCSk.jpg]
[Image: l777upB.jpg]
[Image: oYNmwsr.jpg]

thumbnails and some studies :)

[Image: UFPZheH.jpg]
[Image: 3zBN8V0.jpg]
[Image: VHfiVmn.jpg]
[Image: 6CpIpAY.jpg]
[Image: sD8cMoN.jpg]
[Image: 8pIV3Rg.jpg]
[Image: 87MTLNq.jpg]
[Image: 7wc0udN.jpg]

[Image: yKbl7cR.jpg]

and here is some stuff from imagination:

[Image: QtkNpfy.jpg]
[Image: WkSd08j.jpg]
[Image: KB5lrjo.jpg]
Your art is really cool! It's neat to see how you convey so much info with your brushstrokes.
thanks a lot :)

[Image: xbOo0y7.jpg]
[Image: eLWxvHg.jpg]

piotr jabłoński study:
[Image: FGDLdFW.jpg]
[Image: NDrODGg.jpg]
[Image: S2lgysU.jpg]
[Image: tNno4pS.jpg]
[Image: lBd9b9J.jpg]
[Image: mfIhev2.jpg]
[Image: 1TidYzF.jpg]
[Image: pwObEJY.jpg]
Wow, du bist echt richtig gut geworden. Ich kenn deine Sachen noch aus der BSD-Gruppe und du hast dich wirklich mega verbessert. Besonders die Sketch mit dem Baum finde ich klasse. Das ist echt ne super Motivation.
yo vielen dank :D
Massive jumps ahead in quality lately man, good work. I'm really liking the dynamic energy in your figures as well, keep it up!
thanks man :)

[Image: j0lcAxG.jpg]
[Image: xQF9wfw.jpg]
[Image: QA9kStx.jpg]
[Image: 1yRQCmd.jpg]
[Image: ZP4RJ6Z.jpg]
[Image: YNXlDXm.jpg]
[Image: XoYAZjj.jpg]
[Image: GhDoB4a.jpg]
[Image: 2WtUt21.jpg]
[Image: No0l09C.jpg]
[Image: DWEEjWO.jpg]
[Image: 9iFmSoI.jpg]
[Image: gQTAvJL.jpg]
[Image: nYTrbV3.jpg]
[Image: KhIZigs.jpg]
goal for this year :

24 environmentdesigns
6 characterdesigns
3000 anatomy studies
and at least 6 studies a week

[Image: GEZQiaN.jpg]
[Image: Ohbv5F2.jpg]
[Image: hsOLaXt.jpg]
[Image: j3Wzh9b.jpg]
[Image: NpCD39F.jpg]
[Image: JWiTu2q.jpg]
[Image: 0d4x29X.jpg]
[Image: 47az4u1.jpg]
[Image: sW57qPa.jpg]
[Image: ZNoVRyP.jpg]
[Image: xP7Dm9y.jpg]
[Image: iAh7Hka.jpg]
[Image: p3XR5xH.jpg]

environmentdesign 1:

[Image: R1LMk7h.jpg]
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