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The finished misty piece looks great. Guy #1 looks like he's not convinced it's dead. Guy #2 looks convinced.
haha thanks man!

here is some new stuff really enjoying these no opacity sketches :)

[Image: vdnIINY.jpg]

[Image: aZdbsfy.jpg]

[Image: nwJ018o.jpg]
Those last sketches are so sick <3 love love love! Are they from imagination? Your color game is getting better every day
thanks anna <3 and yes.
thanks Hornkreis I will :)

here are some no opacity colorstudies, I think I will focus on studying design next

[Image: ozjxGbY.jpg]
[Image: 1lYr4S4.jpg]
[Image: d4KPGmv.jpg]
[Image: xcipJuw.jpg]
[Image: KPbg0XY.jpg]
Yaaassss so good *.* btw just a question what are you focussing on when you are doing those? Color, relationships brushwork? Cause i never know what to look for when doing these <3
nice work on these, apply it!
@noodle oh yeah! definitly color :)
@fedo I did lol, forgot to post them..

same brush, no opacity :)

[Image: JEVUiz3.jpg]
[Image: 5tJWsxy.jpg]
[Image: IHqnKOT.jpg]
These studies are so bold! No fear painting. I like your colors better than the ref in the one with the moon.
thanks a lot :)

some new stuff, working on a creaturedesign and also trying to improve my lineart after
watching the new designcinema episode.

[Image: lXtd4HM.jpg]
[Image: cq4htPi.jpg]
[Image: mhnHXQE.jpg]
[Image: qibbd5J.jpg]

and some old study and a sketch i like

[Image: wUgJUhL.jpg]
[Image: EFqxpSW.jpg]
cloakstudies :)

[Image: L8FrXAw.jpg]
[Image: 3aPPZpz.jpg]


[Image: J25W6YX.jpg]
finished this one :)

[Image: FGbxAU2.jpg]
Creature design you say. My interest in this sketchbook just went up by 9000.Great use of light on the last piece
So sexy <3
he looks mad
thanks so much guys,

worked on a selfportrait today, I think the first colored one from a mirror.
I'm pretty happy with the colors, although it took a lot of tries to get the right color.
Not so happy with the proportions I always have problems with the eyes. Anyways..

[Image: zi85vte.jpg]
[Image: SG7sDiA.jpg]
Those colors though *.* when you are doing this are you doing your own palette or from life? Im just curious cause i really like yours :* for critisism maybe look at the nose the structure is missing a bit
thanks, yeah from life, a lot of trial and error xD

some new stuff, starting an illustration also took part in the wild west artstation challenge ^^

[Image: 3qcVLns.png]
[Image: y7ZnMSO.png]
[Image: 0sUeONm.png]
work in progress stuff..

[Image: ekn3phe.jpg]
[Image: eMwNJw4.jpg]
[Image: Ki4NJLb.png]
[Image: G7wKwi4.jpg]
for a golem like thing, try to vary the size of the large shapes. If his hand is close to the camera, it will appear large, hence the foreshortening should make his body looks smaller in comparison. Always remember the small/medium/large principle in composition because if your large elements are all the same size, it looks boring and lacks depth. Nice work on rock study ;)
yes! I ll have to dive more into the small/medium/large stuff, especially the designlanguage and form thing is where I need to improve the most.
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