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I'm back!

did some notans and stuff
[Image: yNt0GLU.png]
[Image: cguJ1fm.png]
[Image: G5qF76I.png]
[Image: u3nK2Xg.png]
[Image: Q0oRdKV.png]
[Image: oOcpAqb.png]
[Image: xCa3wf0.png]
[Image: n5rdmxW.png]
[Image: EOsAIoo.png]
[Image: AXrz8Y8.png]
[Image: ZIUM45Q.png]
[Image: f1ue0O9.png]
[Image: d6H7u6q.png]
[Image: Lww8GQD.png]
[Image: v7NcrBK.png]
[Image: ODzY6CS.png]
[Image: MhWKiBN.png]
[Image: 02FcTYG.png]
[Image: OgMF0y2.png]
[Image: XS6pQ65.png]
[Image: PVl0Qp6.png]
[Image: LBAkNR6.png]
dave rapoza study:
[Image: wupfNKD.png]
[Image: e34yyCI.png]
[Image: AtSsLiP.jpg]
[Image: uVKkpAu.jpg]
1 min gestures:
[Image: 4yviCj2.jpg]
[Image: oX42Q26.jpg]
[Image: r47XZJe.jpg]
[Image: jGNe1Wv.jpg]
more stuff
[Image: ExY1LGp.jpg]
[Image: 4C39yHt.jpg]
[Image: HI6iNPC.jpg]
[Image: GPi7Bh3.jpg]
[Image: yDCWAHx.jpg]
[Image: KzlDkwz.jpg]
[Image: BdQtr8i.jpg]
[Image: bqkL256.jpg]
no references:
[Image: OflVXjM.jpg]
[Image: z76JjmG.jpg]


with references:
[Image: O1NwrPX.jpg]
[Image: 7ykhbhV.jpg]
[Image: Ibjxpvn.jpg]
[Image: VPKlosA.jpg]
[Image: 17Vxik9.jpg]
[Image: J8lVaoU.jpg]
[Image: Z2YnFDN.jpg]
[Image: XkayNP0.jpg]
Good studies dude, you could try rendering out a couple of hands per study page. I found tackling a study with multiple techniques did wonders for getting the information to stick. Keep it up :)
thanks man, will consider doing that, I mainly want to improve my lines and anatomy though :)
[Image: 0nznYWf.jpg]
[Image: NIqimbG.jpg]
Your hands are definitely getting better and better, keep on pushing.
thanks, will do

[Image: 0cF49pR.jpg]
with reference:
[Image: TknPnuG.jpg]
[Image: jgHbdXP.jpg]
[Image: imWNCk4.jpg]
[Image: vzsYJc4.jpg]
[Image: 8nSw15q.jpg]
[Image: Pn3Xlxr.jpg]
[Image: Z7NYqYf.jpg]
[Image: so0nPc0.jpg]
[Image: 5Oe0E8h.jpg]
more studies
[Image: 9uE0CFP.jpg]
[Image: bZEQclt.jpg]
[Image: uEtoiKi.jpg]
[Image: prTy7Lv.jpg]
mixerbrush test
[Image: Q3184qB.jpg]
without reference:
[Image: rV06yD8.jpg]
[Image: IQ0WH5u.jpg]
[Image: ppTJOVe.jpg]
with reference:
[Image: xZ9Ty9m.jpg]
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