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another study wip, I still have to finish the other one..

trying to use the smudgetool more :)

[Image: FDpqdNz.png]
update on the study, almost done..

[Image: qJ8SBRX.png]


[Image: zoC2dAl.jpg]
the eyes are a little smaller and further apart, also watch out on the jaw, yours is freakishly bulging out to the side, the incline in that is tough i know, its very subtle. pay attention to the cheek bones, his are a little wider ont he side. Look at the whites of the eyes too, are yours identical?
thanks for the feedback!
made some final adjustments, this took a long time but i'm pretty happy with
the result.
haven't done like a 'finished' study in a while ^^

[Image: QlQpIVe.png]
its better for sure, you'll learn over time like how to make the eyes look subtle and relaxed/tense and stuff, but good work my dude
yeah, thanks man :)

[Image: PSiKPRT.png]
Wow Leonard, your painting skills are friggin' amazing bro!! Keep up all the studies! I'm loving your sketchbook.
thanks so much, likewise ^^

another study I started..

[Image: 5ubQn5Z.png]
finished the study and worked more on illustrations

[Image: zvsOIhw.png]
[Image: Rm8ZHom.jpg]
[Image: 319XKjb.jpg]
[Image: RQnDFNP.jpg]
[Image: gJDIuds.jpg]
[Image: ylGcvGf.jpg]
Last two images have a real James Zapata feel to them especially the fire one, I really like that stuff it looks cool keep it up!
thanks man, i love james work :)

some new stuff..

[Image: AVWa074.png]
[Image: T2F31oW.png]
[Image: ZlXlf3Q.png]
[Image: QwYhl7c.png]
[Image: jjpDFRr.png]
[Image: yfqrfWn.png]

[Image: ynOh9rM.png]

thumbnails for a new illustration:

[Image: o4fkP2K.png]
[Image: BBjVMga.png]
I like this power head dude, try playing around more with the rock formation thingies. the one on the left side is very interesting, maybe hit the opacity on different levels for a few of them, and vary their sizes even more, youre on the right track

PS, the one right before had a little more magic with the rectangular shape, and the depth created by the cloud, maybe see if you can skillfully work some of that depth back into the image ;)
get back in here, Leonard!! >:(
thanks fedo, yeah i will work on it, the piece is a pain in the ass haha.

@DESQUOLOR I'm Back! :D I should definitly post more often.

I've been doing a lot of 30 min speedpaints for a facebook group lately, very hard but also fun.
Topic is different everyday and assigned by other people.


[Image: ut9cSH8.jpg]


[Image: 9NgzxuB.jpg]

power charged, true knight:

[Image: diceqG3.jpg]


[Image: b5MBmiU.jpg]

lady of the lake:

[Image: Yyr5TnS.jpg]


[Image: tIEpT9K.jpg]

unwelcome prophet(s):

[Image: 2LrTxI9.jpg]

also working on this cat/snake/bird monster/dragon illustration,
very frustrating, started all over again a lot, changed the color palette completely at one point.
kind of happy with this version:

[Image: hqX5g0A.jpg]
[Image: p63s3hE.jpg]
im digging the snake dude, reminds me of one of Mike Azevedo's dragons, though not as cartooney; little design tip, take that arm thats floating currently, and angle it, higher up so that gives them a rythm. and the wings are in a good pose, maybe see if you can bend or twist one for a more dynamic angle.

Mike's dragons are fucking fantastic, study his shapes and caligraphy, it'll do anyone some good :)
I've never seen these super deatailed illustrations from mike azevedo,
don't get me wrong his new stuff is deatailed too, but it has a different style.
Very cool, thanks.
little study of a Iwan Kramskoi painting :)
practicing lighting.

[Image: BGQMsMA.jpg]
would love to see your copy of the original, like trying to nail it as close as you can
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