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thanks for the advice mate :)
tried to make it a bit lighter, it's not finished tho.
[Image: cM8euBD.jpg]
changing the composition :)
[Image: tfGdM2R.jpg]

if someone is interested to step by while i am painting:
[Image: JpfBHl2.png]
[Image: NrglxfU.png]
Hey Leo cool studys.

Maybe try to look more for hard and soft edges. Where light hits and when creating soft and hard edges.

It would improve your work much much faster. BEcause Values and stuff is already there.

Keep it up
thanks for your feedback Janos :)
here is my first stilllife that i spent more time on then usually.
( i used a texture for the wood of the table)

i want to learn how to paint...
how did you guys learned to paint?
[Image: 74WlD4I.jpg]
[Image: P8QtpCn.png]
stuff from today :)
[Image: ZuURZCo.png]
[Image: cfV6c7w.png]
[Image: 38ut99k.png]
[Image: KetTqXq.png]
[Image: 7S2Zfxj.png]
(dave rapoza gumroad "bog witch part 2")
james gurney studies, figure drawings...
[Image: RBf7ZA4.jpg]
[Image: R5PMIAj.png]
[Image: N6zYy8G.png]
and a characterdesign :)
[Image: 3Lml19C.png]
[Image: iIiBrD7.png]
[Image: m2SRcdG.png]
[Image: vdoGrVS.png]
color and light james gurney page 50-66 :
[Image: WdApQgI.jpg]
more older studies :
[Image: 6LmS9wY.png]
[Image: TYjpWMe.png]
more boring stuff...
[Image: YfVuUfM.png]
[Image: QHgzsL9.png]
[Image: jWs3Jtt.png]
little update
picked a composition i liked and refined it a bit in black and white...
it will be a dude punching/cutting a dragon or monster 
[Image: w3KDSOP.png]
more changes...
[Image: QtKS1To.png]
Those monsters are creepy and awesome. One question though, what are you referencing for the dynamic figures with moving limbs? I see those kinds of studies from time to time, just wondering what the original source is
thanks man
my inspiration comes mostly from Ruan Jia
he paints these kind of dragons...

anyway i started again with this piece

[Image: GfvqR1i.png]
[Image: 8dB5vNZ.png]
Ruan Jia's the man
That's a good start of an illustration, the Dragon. I will say don't be afraid to go into detail where it matters! Much of your painted works, I know are digital, but are all done in the same loose chalky brush. That sort of brush is great for sketching and light detail but from looking at your full paint studies, it's clear that brush can only take you so far, to the point where it all looks like just the first half of a potentially complete painting.

It'll be good to see where you take it!
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