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Hey dude, I'm struggling with digital rendering myself, but I've found Ctrl+Paint's series about it to be incredibly helpful. Check it out!
thanks for the tips guys :)
will try to push the illustration as much as i can.

[Image: 6ru0x0O.png]
faces with reference:
[Image: WLxNl08.png]
faces from imagination:
[Image: uGPKKld.png]
more faces from imagination :)
[Image: VDDKUPl.png]
moving on with the illustration :)
[Image: woHQQUX.png]

Great to see you keep up with your art, I feel you can define the volumes in your sketches more, the abstract effect is great but it can overwhelm the shape of the volumes.

I did a paintover to show what I mean. Hope it gives you some good ideas!


thats great thanks :)
gonna concetrate more on contrast and edges next time.
character for CC3 :) (maybe)

[Image: I3UDjfS.png]
little update on CC03
[Image: w3Cgbun.png]
[Image: ononeNp.png]
[Image: sCDgEIT.png]
[Image: 4r5RiMC.png]
[Image: BBJX9ae.png]
[Image: LzXjN9E.png]
more work on the character for CC03
[Image: c3fct6X.png]
Hey nice work dude.
Few crits, it feels like you might be relying a bit to heavily on very dark blacks generally speaking the first and last 5-10% of value range should be avoided(unless you are showing a light source in the image in which case very bright values for that are fine) though it's not a hard rule going to dark can very much flatten an image.
For learning value quicker i'd reccomend watching Sycra's value game video and doing form studies(istebrak has videos on this) both simplify the process down with form studie you only have to think about basic shapes and the light source and cast shadows and it makes it easier for people to critique any big issues you have with value and lighting, and the value game would help you better with figuring out different values form one another.

Speaking of Istebrak, she also has a lot of vids on painting faces which would help you with your caricatures, for one thing remember that the 6 darkest spots of the face(darker then the hair as well) are the pupils, corners of the mouth and nostrils, it helps a lot with making the face read better.

Hope this helps and keep up the awesome work, i'm loving some of these designs you're putting out like the monster designs. :)
thanks for the feedback
movin on with the challenge and a face, i tried to use lighter values.
I think i will do some anthony jones studies , i feel like that would help me a lot.
[Image: BJaRleU.png]
[Image: 4O9rCKZ.jpg]
[Image: xSu552Y.png]
[Image: LJn6CHX.jpg]
[Image: 8wRyoVp.png]
[Image: bZRvAPL.jpg]
[Image: f5xazi6.png]
[Image: bd8FHXK.png]
[Image: pVYFymj.png]
[Image: bpOvflG.png]
[Image: K9HmM5D.png]
[Image: n89MUZy.png]
moooar stuff
[Image: E0Fekr9.png]
[Image: Q0gkInw.png]
[Image: X87PP32.png]
[Image: O7aztCW.png]
[Image: U9T501g.png]
invested a bit more time in these studies :)
[Image: SlVnmgv.png]
[Image: QucDzIP.jpg]
Seeing a lot of work here, wow!!keep it up man.
I see some issues with the anatomy, i would suggest to you to study the ebook of Loomis about the head and figure, and doing some photo studies like in Deviantart> Ressources and Stock> Model to draw from full bodies with the most various draperies and clothing materials.
One tip, it may help if you start by doing an underlying line to guide the painting process later, start with values then gradually move to colour. :)

Hope it helps mate.
thanks for the tip!

did something different today:
[Image: jQNp39E.jpg]
I don't have much time which is why i don't draw much right now.
Hopefully i can finish school next month
then i can focus fully on studying :)
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