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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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Woooooaaahhhh that piece with the ogres is amaazzziiingg.. Love it. Jeremy Lipking is a machine, good to see you are applying what you learn. Nothing to really crit, just keep doing what you are doing :)
Thanks Jaik! I agree, Lipking is a boss. His colors are so delicious

Defense Spell 1 and 2, and still life
[Image: A0krI9V.jpg]
[Image: RsuDO5f.jpg]
[Image: QEycTSE.jpg]
great stuff here!! I love the balance between observational and imagination work! I get obsessed with one with myself... :P

defence spell #2 is a pretty static composition. I'm fairly positive that that was your intention though.
Did you also intend to make the mountains and their negative shapes so similar as well?

great stuff!
Can't come up with any feedback. Love the second stop arrow painting. It's hilarious =D. Just keep on rockin'
Thanks Jarrad! Yup, pretty static. Could have also done more with the design of the guy and made him more interesting, he's sort of a boring fellow. And definitely the mountains as well, valid points man. It's tough to do these spitpaints in 30 minutes! I've got to get better at suggesting forms quicker and my design too

Ramalooke - thanks man!

derpy sketch. also did this photomanip, as per suggestion by friend. Much more fun than I thought it would be.
[Image: CAwd7vd.jpg]
[Image: UGoVAIA.jpg]
Is this a fairly complete collection of you work? You have an insane amount of very high quality, well colored, great brush marks, intense edge control sketches, but I think you should make more effort to push individual pieces further, they all suffer from individual inattention. Or do you post finished stuff elsewhere?

You're killing it lately, Nate. Keep it up.
Thanks Spiffy! I do sketch a lot :) But I am indeed working on a new set of finished pieces for my portfolio. I don't enjoy posting WIPs so much in the early stages however. It always kills my momentum and I end up never finishing them lol. So those will be ready to show...someday! In the meantime, it'll be mostly my spitpaints for the facebook group, studies and other random things.

Thanks as always Frenikkkk

Bring the rain
[Image: BJ2hOxj.jpg]
Nice manip!
On this last sketch, very nice lightning! But beware of the ellipses on the pots - they are a bit too open, so it seems most of the pots are tipped towards the camera in a weird angle.
Yeah, to add to what Sula is saying - the closer you get to your eye level (in this instance, it's cutting a little bit above the center) the degree of the ellipses gets smaller. The farther away the bigger they get until eventually they're a perfect circle at 90 degrees.
Sweet stuff ;3 For elypses it's always a good idea to cheat and use a selection tool. Well it's not really cheating but you know. There's some tools to make things easier, right? Can't wait for future updates ;)
Thanks for the crits guys! :) Gotta work on dem ellipses

character poop and zorn study for breaking art group
[Image: VRFwhS2.jpg]
[Image: hbtTWvD.jpg]
I like the looseness in your poop :)
Duuuude, I love your character stuff so fucking much, your anatomy and skin tones makes me want to cry lol. Awesome speedies as usual too man and the photomanip is sweet too!
Thanks kaffer and warburton!

feet/hand studies and WIP, crits welcome as always!

[Image: X0WdeUZ.jpg]
[Image: ac1xQHk.jpg]
Again. Great updates ;) Skin tones on your characters are getting really juicy. Love all those hues on the last lady face. Keep it up mate ;)
always great to see your studies. also agree it'd be nice to see some really polished pieces
That ogre piece is awesome! And I love the way you do you character sketches all painterly and loose, great job! Keep em coming :)
everytime i come here my jaw drops, i just love the way you render things.
The girl with the spear specially in the last lost, just awesome.
I also agree with the rest, i'm looking forward to see a really polished illustration from you.
thanks ramalookeeeee, your stuff lookin good these days as well :)

aks9 - thank you! Workin on some polished stuff, not my strongest asset but trying mah best!

Thanks JonHop!

Kind words Eduardo! Thanks as always man. Workin on detailed stuff, it's the hardest part for me to detail and detail without losing my mind. But I'm trying my best to push! Got a few pieces lined up I'm excited about taking to finish.

[Image: kuXhD90.jpg]
[Image: epTieR8.jpg]