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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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wake up; computer; sketch, blend blend blend blend...........

that's the life man ;)
Fedodika - haha yuuup that's pretty much my day :)

Ignored my schedule today, shhhh don't tell on me. #breakingthelaw

[Image: m2EisIm.jpg]
[Image: YEJWTF7.jpg]
[Image: c4LDExA.jpg]
Going to try things a little differently this week, a little more goal oriented. Going to complete a finished character and a finished illustration by the weekend (will update with progress shots each day) and do a study-application each day for warmup. Got a little tired of the schedule, so switching it up for the fun points.


[Image: 9W4CzuH.jpg]
[Image: pfpoNKz.jpg]
[Image: 20yjJJ4.jpg]
[Image: 43nenVX.jpg]
Alright pnate...
Challenge accepted :P
(hahaha, if you ever wanna chat, my skype is on my blog)
The fire spirit looks amazing - full of life like fire is. Is it too late to change the man's pose? He seem very still from the arm down. Maybe have a foot showing through his robe to indicate he was in mid-turn? Just my 2 cents.
matkaminski - Woooo go for it man :) Sure, I'll add you on Skype next time I'm on.

meat - thanks meat! Ah true, a knee bending or something down there would probably help. Might adjust that a bit, appreciate the input.

[Image: ne3rAbl.jpg]
[Image: UvFX5oZ.jpg]
[Image: cyhB1MJ.jpg]
[Image: biLE5pq.jpg]
[Image: gxzV9Ti.jpg]
[Image: wRaOAuk.jpg]
[Image: ZwWsftm.jpg]
[Image: iKlg1cv.jpg]
[Image: vDWlqHZ.jpg]
[Image: OmKUQC5.jpg]
[Image: OvcJK92.jpg]
[Image: PTCohv1.jpg]
God these are looking awesome.

I really love the applied study for that piece up above. That's really smart to do and I would suggest to keep doing it as often as you can!

Honestly, what more can I say, just keep it up!
Mat - thanks man, definitely some more studies to do on those.

[Image: bUxPMFz.jpg]
[Image: KyDEHpX.jpg]
[Image: qkhEP6W.jpg]
Hey man, been lurking your stuff for a year now and decided to stop by and tell you that you are awesome :D This new rough brushwork is making me freaking hard! keep it up
Foreshortening, painty clouds, blue and orange. It's all so pretty! Awesome stuff man. Keep it coming :)
Birchgrove - Hey thanks! :) Tryin to be as painterly as I can these days.

Thanks Jake! Those are actually the titles of those paintings. How'd you know? :)

I think this is my third or fourth natalie dormer study in this sketchbook
[Image: dsswDVn.jpg]
[Image: AkGjwCI.jpg]
wow ur gud..
40 pages... i felt proud of doing 4. damn i need to paint more. great sb man, keep it ticking :D
Thank you for the suggestion, Will implement. See you around Thumbs_up
Fedodika - Thanks dude! Long ways to go...

Wardy - Thanks wardy. You'll pass 40 in no time! You keep at it too man

Birchgrove - No problem Birch. Hope to see some cool updates from you soon :)

[Image: zsrZig9.jpg]
trying to finish this one up, still WIP
[Image: ciUJo3u.jpg]