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Full Version: Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
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Fedo - Thanks for the crits Mr. Koala! Dynamism is definitely something to work onn

DomSinkevic - Yeah those got deleted from imgur for some reason. I'd have to go searching and guessing which ones those were, but trust me you aren't missing much :) Thanks man!

StardustLarva - Thanks Stardust!

[Image: DeElMH4.jpg]
[Image: 4SwpnVL.jpg]
MUUUUUUUUUUUUHEHEHEHEHEHEH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^_____________________________________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The faces are sexier then ever! The ladies are fine too, lol.
Really enjoy this stuff. That sucks about the slump back in the holidays, its seems like you're bouncing back though. Looking forward to the next update :)
Love your female portrait work! keep it up :)
[Image: qOPejE6.gif]
Nate! Such yes!

How you get all your women looking so good scares me :D
Haha but seriously, just keep doing your thing
Hope to catch you streaming some time when my s2pid net isn't so sucky
Love the studies! Great job.
cool stuff Nathan ! i really need to catch one of your stream soon ^^ !
keep improving and rocking!
Liking the piece of the cloaked figure with the skull. Man, I really need to catch one of your streams again soon!
One thing I love about your sketchbook & art is that I always think „man, this stuff is SO good“, and then you suddenly unlock the *next* level of awesome.
Random suggestion: Would love to see your take on a photo study with dark skintones; don’t think I’ve seen that from you recently!

Keep it up Nate <3
Hey all, so I started up a new type of challenge taking people's opinions into account and trying to make something interesting:

If anyone passing by could spare an opinion, I would like to know what you think about a few things. Namely, the time period (1 week long vs 2 weeks per topic) is the one I'm most unsure about. Here's the discussion thread in case you have any input on that or any other aspect of it:


rafa zanchetin - Thanks as always man <3

BenFlores - Thanks Ben, those slumps are the worst

rainbowsorknives - Thank you!

smrr - Yes! Come visit the stram sometime. And I don't know how you found a gif of my secret video, but I ain't even mad.

pindurski - Thanks!!

BlueBear - Hey Blue, thanks :)

StardustLarva - Was cool talking to you on the stream recently! Hope the new challenge is along the lines of what you were hoping for.

Lyraina - Ah, true, those dark skintones I need more practice with. It's tricky getting those right! Appreciate the compliment Lyra, I feel the same way about your stuff, it just keeps improving :)

Some randoms/work
[Image: wSEhR6N.jpg]
[Image: nC1H27c.jpg]
[Image: FNQiKt8.jpg]
You da best! The new challenge sure looks cool, I would give it a try if I could ( no time right now) if you guys get it going on I'll submit something but it won't be good xD

Btw, awesome stuff Nate, what I really like about you is the consistency you've got, like, all the stuff is awesome at the same level ( or almost), I think that consistent quality and consistent progress are two things most of us struggle to achieve ( I fail at both xD) and seeing how you get it nailed to the wall is great.

My only crit, which isn't even a crit, it's more like an opinion that might even be invalid:

I feel that the character designs with the white background are too sterile sometimes like there's not much play you can do without a context in order to present a character in an interesting manner, I mean, of course you can, but it's like making it harder for yourself tbh. Now, I don't know if they ask for that format in the studios or if they allow for a bit of background or quick context, so as I said it's just an opinion.

Keep up the great job master Nate!
collarbones pnate; don't forget em!
I keep checking your sketchbook everytime I need a good kick in my arse to start my studies of the day! Beautiful!! <3
Suira - Hey man, it's been a while! Would be cool if you took part, but no pressure. Thanks for the kind words and the crit! I don't feel like it's at an awesome level, so maybe I should be trying harder to push that level haha The character designs with the white backgrounds are all commission work, so I think they're putting them in a game guide or something. Some more interesting personal stuff is to come.

Fedodika - Yes! I tried to keep that in mind for the portrait commission in this post because of your comment, so thanks koalaman! I gotta study that area better; for very muscular people their collarbones don't seem to show, but that's more like uber bodybuilders.

LaleAnn - I feel the same way when I see you putting out illustration after illustration! Thanks Lale

Thanks to Dennis for deciding to knight me as moderator! Ohhh, the power.
[Image: vQaiNfL.gif]

Also, hoping everyone who's been taking part in the new challenge is enjoying it. You can leave feedback in this thread if you want to see anything different or have an idea of how to make it better:

[Image: PGInsW6.jpg]
You speak metal armor material so well... ENVY HARD.
53 pages in and you are still kicking ass!!!
Great great work in here man, so much inspiration!
Also much love to the recent work you posted on DA!!
Keep it up! I feel you are very close to that "next level" art!

(LaleAnn- I second that a milion times!)
such beauty man.. :)
Awesome, awesome work Nathan. I´ve been following your hard work even before i´ve registered on CD and it pretty much inspires me, i´m sure as others to work hard, do many studies and don´t quit haha.
I specially love your character designs and compositions. Absolutely love the Pidgeon Keeper and the Lady Dagger.
How do you achieve that amazing finalized crisp brushwork? Do you use Soft brushes and then you define the shape with a hard edge?
If you don´t mind another question (and i totally understand if you do not answer, no prob at all man);

- Are you getting any work and is it finantially stable? I´m asking because i´m an artist trying to enter in the fiield, working hard for a few years by now and i see that your work has a professional look to it.

meat - Thank you sirrr, always trying to up the metal game

TonariNoPunpun - Thanks Tonari :) Trying my best to keep it up!

nymph0 - Thanks Nymphooo

RickRichards - I appreciate the kind words Rick! I usually use two different approaches depending on the job/how I feel. The first is just what you describe, going at it soft and defining it as I go along with hard edges. The other is more "procedural" which is what most others do: lineart, block in by layers, then paint on those layers through clipping masks, then try to cover some of the "neatness" by adding imperfections and stuff (although I tend to make things way too sharp).
I do get some work at the moment, mostly characters and concepts for smaller companies. It depends on what type of work you're looking for in terms of stability. For freelance fantasy illustration, I will be honest, it's definitely not enough to make a living at this point for me, probably at about minimum wage or less. However, if you hustle and shoot for a position in a studio or something, you would make a pretty decent wage. For me, I am (probably stupidly) enjoying my time just freelancing with whatever comes my way, and just trying to improve with my time. Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you, best of luck!

Ahh been so long since I updated this. Anyway, a bunch of stuff since the last post:
[Image: DRRKr7t.jpg]
[Image: wNFvpSJ.jpg]
[Image: jIx5Kwk.jpg]
[Image: PIOUK7f.jpg]
[Image: 6Oghm9a.jpg]
[Image: 3sNNdiU.jpg]
[Image: thVLOdp.jpg]
[Image: r9AiqaP.jpg]
[Image: DQS0sr1.jpg]