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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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one of sickbrush assignments, decided to go through them while im working on my fundamentals. Probably wont enter this next blood sports as I want to focus more on my fundamentals at the moment.


You really captured those waves nicely, the roughness works well and it looks great :)

Also this last one has great colors
thank you vices

more fundamental memory practice

basically have this internalized now so will move on to the next section of the method I'm studying.
Trying to practice edges a bit more with this one.
memory practice and a value and edges practice.

memory test, will move on to the next section of the 8 vids.
figure sudy, studying a combination of edges, the figure, colour and blending in this one.
changed some stuff in this image to improve it.
going through the loomis book , still hammering my fundamentals.
As a means to adding to your fundamentals practice, I'd see say draw from, and put what you learn into practice. Like the proportions of the human body(may wanna draw real life people)....also why is the box that the figure is in so wide(the memory exercise)?
bunch of stuff mostly hour or so studies/sketches.

Had to take a little hiatus from posting online and just concentrate on practicing, experimenting etc without worrying about posting and comparing myself to other artists.

This is my most recent work

Robin Hood Rhino character concept art
more sketches
Still life... some issues with the shape ... oh well onto the next one.
Working to improve my perspective and sketching/drawing using the tablet.
more perspective sketching.
Constructing shadows in perspective.
Hey man, thanks for dropping by my sketchbook the other day. Good to see your tackling those studies, especially the perspective and forms. The still life painting came out good too, I would defiantly advice you do more of them, they seem to be working in your favour. Maybe 1 a day or something to keep you on your toes ;)
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