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Swordfish sketch study (concentrating on form)

Then created a creature sketch based on that study, has a couple of perspective and anatomy issues that need re-working slightly but I'll prob take this one further in digital at some point and do that then.
That one from imagination looks interesting.
hey man, i would say you should probably spend more time on the pieces you do. maybe take a cool movie-still and really try to nail it, and don't care about how long it takes. for that try to build it up slowly, dont rush to the detail-phase. you can easily work on it for 3 days.

and have a look at this:

and don't forget, what works for brent might not yet work for you. he has done so many of his paintings and has found a good way for him. that doesnt make it necessarily a good way for you too. i am not dissing anybody, i am a big fan of his work, as i told him myself. but try to find out what works for you and what doesn't.

you should definitely work on your lines, for that just start every day doing only lines, curves and crosshatching for 15 - 20 minutes to loosen up. also dont allways focus too much on doing everything super-correctly, because this tends to make things harder especially for beginners. at the beginning, just do a lot. just try to have a balance between realistic studies and loose stuff. like for instance, do a realistic study over the course of some days. that will teach you to push things to a more finished level. then do a lot of loose sketches to generate ideas for your next study etc.

i see a lot of improvement but also a lot of work that needs to be done, especially in your drawing-departement.
i hope this doesn't sound harsh, i am just trying to push you :)

also this is my opinion, if it doesn't work for you, that is alright. but do a lot

Thanks Piotr.

Hey Flo thanks man, I appreciate the pushes keep em coming :), they're pushing me to work harder! I like that.

Ive been concentrating on experimenting and learning rather than doing finished paintings, I want to take the knowledge I've gained and use it to create more finished pieces though, which I'm gonna take your advice and do soon. I think loosening up with some simple line exercises each day also is a great idea :).
a bunch of stuff, started painting my creature sketch, not finished yet, just how far I've got with it.
few studies from today
Spent a lot of today trying to catch up with the perspective class assignment 1. Only got the first 2 homework assignments done though will post all 3 tomorrow. Here's an update on my creature from above.
Perspective assignments.

Last one too many windows, didnt wanna do them all and measure them out so very roughly placed the ones I did lol.
First assignment of week 2 for Isra's perspective mentoring class.
Finally caught up and got the week 2 perspective assignment 2 done :).
update on where I'm at with my creature painting, need to desaturate it among other things but I should be able to finish this one off tomorrow.
Not 100 percent satisfied with this but gonna call it done for now.

Sketch I pushed a little further.
You have a really nice light and shadow on that last dragon head. maybe try adding some little details or texture
Thanks piotr, I refined it some more today, trying to go for a more stylized image so not creating detailed textures on this one though.

Still a WIP.
I think the problem with your creatures is that they are mostly not based on the anatomy of real animals. therefore, they do not look believable. you should do more animal studies and apply the knowledge from the studies to your creature designs.

keep working hard man! :D
Thanks Raman, yeah I intend to do more animal studies in photoshop, need to get a lot more locked in my visual library.

This is how the dragon head turned out, spent too much time on it, so I'm done with this piece.
Iguana head study.
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