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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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You got some interesting drawings/paintings!
I would recommend to put more hard edges in your paintings, they look too smooth (in my opinion).
But overall your drawings/paintings look really nice, keep it up!
Those reptile sketches are the freaking bomb man--!

Also, have a Happy Birthday Jon! Keep working smart, and looking forward to your next updateeeee :)
It's your birthday? Happy birthday dude! Sweet drawings, as always! (sorry I haven't commented recently, not much to say other than they're awesome ^^)
Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it! Sorry for the late reply and update, I have to be more active updating (and doing more work haha, been slacking a lot lately). Anyway this one was something for me,, gonna do a few of these as samples as might be able to get some work with a retro game store that opened up in my area recently and the owner wants to see some known characters :).
Quick one for inktober!
haha that last sketch is so bad... but nvm ill leave it. Anyway second known character donkey kong!
wip super mario
Hey man, the paintings are looking good, just seem to lack a bit of shine - they seem a bit kinda 'matte' at the moment. If that's what you're going for disregard this but some more / brighter shiny spots - like in donkey kong's hair maybe. Could push the saturation too around the brighter areas.

Keep it up man!
Thanks for the crit Jyonny appreciate the feedback dude and has been duly noted!

update on the mario illustration...almost done
Calling it on this one, doesnt need the linework anymore so if I ever want to come back and make it into a painting I dont think it would take long, but my intention was for it to be finished with the lines still visible.
Heey Jon it's nice to still see you around posting. Been a while since I looked at your stuff. Some nice improvements going on here. Keep at it ;3 Cheers
Mario is looking cool with that hard light to dark transition around the top of his dungarees, I think that was what felt off about Donkey Kong, too softly blended all over. Mario's eyes sort of bother me a bit tho, they look more realistic than cartoony but there's no eyelids, makes it look like he's eaten one mushroom too many!
@Rama, thanks man

@Jyonny haha yeah it does lol thanks for the crit

character concept. On to the next one.
The hero
Haha, wow, that sure is a cute little dude. I love the design behind it-- Very interesting. You've got a unique style that I like. Keep bringing out this hard work. :) Maybe do some more studies, and then juxtaposition study with imagination. See how that helps. :D!
You made a ton of progress since you started here! Nice job getting your edges and rendering under control.

Try to think more about shape language and silhouette, your line work/graphic design elements seem to be your weakest point at the moment.
Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it.

Villain to go with the hero character animation series.
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