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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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Enviro challenge final... Learned some things whilst doing this, hope to improve on the next one implementing what I learned this time round.
Cool enviro final man, awesome that your pushing yourself and doing an enviro. Next Enviro piece possibly try a study of a similar environment to your own and observe the lighting conditions, for example that sky is almost white which wouldn't happen, getting a similar reference to what you imagine it to be can really help. Hopefully that helps man, keep it up!
Thanks Jacob, appreciate your insight, for the next enviro am doing a few quick rough studies before starting what I want the finished one to be.

First quick study, desert, getting the colours down more than anything else.

been to long since i posted in this sketchbook - back to hard work now :).
imagination painting, no ref.
thumbnail sketch studies for enviro challenge.
some sketches and what not.
Enviro challenge progress x 4
You have a good sense of depth in the last image.. I still need to work on that.. Good Job
Thanks M-rahsart

Couple pencil still life sketches.

upper arm and chest anatomy ref drawing and a quick imagination head practice.

NOt trying to make pretty pictures with the still life sketches and this, just for learning purposes :).
Good to see another person who paints environments. Consider doing some studies of textures (rocks, dust etc.), that may help a lot.
Thanks Piotr, I'll def begin to do that more.

Doberman sketch studies for the hell hounds drawing jam over at Cghub. Dunno if I'll meet their deadline but I like the idea so want to create an illustration with it anyway even if I dont meet their deadline.

Hell throne design sketches
quick creature sketch. watched the first 23 mins or so of brents mentoring group and decided to try out the slhouette method he was showing fro creature sketching, also used a much bigger canvas than normal, and realised my usual canvas' are waaaaaay to small to get in the nice detailed brush strokes etc but my my comp is from 2005ish and only has 2GB of ram.... it's like the little engine that could lol anyway...... not an amazing creation but its just a sketch wont take it any further as it has a lot of issues lol
hand study
I have a question for you! Im trying to have a better understanding of your painting process, so can you explain to me how you start your paintings.. It looks like you are much more comfortable with traditional art than you are with digital. (interms of values) I like what i see here so i will return..
Hey M-rahsart, What you say is true, my background is in traditional art, I took fine art at GCSE level and A level and then kinda stopped as I decided not to go to uni... anyway I dont wanna bore you with my life story lol I started doing digital art this year around march using mypaint then switched to photoshop.

My process for starting the hand study and a lot of what I do digitally is to sketchout ( in photoshop) using lines what I am going to paint and then paint it.
IM here to listen i have nothing but time.. We can talk about some digital painting techniques that help me... Im still learning but im willing to give you some pointers.
That'd be great M-rahsart :)
Ok so first a quick analysis of my hand study and then I spent a little while on Mrahsart's livestream and learnt a TON =D. So i did a study and used the method he showed me that he uses to create his digital pieces, it's a little too saturated but this method was extremely helpful to me, thanks again Mrah if you see this.

did a quick clean and de-saturated the image a bit.
hey jon,

great progress in here. i have something you should maybe take a look at:

my suggestion is (and i dont want to sound harsh) stop color for now and really focus on drawing. do nothing but drawings of basic shapes and read the first chapter of michael hampton's figure drawing book.

I think your main issue is in drawing, so that is what you should tackle head on. sorry if this sounds discouraging, but we are here to give each other a push so that is what i am doing :)

Thanks flo, really helpful info in that article, I've added in some fundamentals practice to my study schedule.

Starting to concentrate on dscribing form with brush strokes in studies, trying to think in form esp when doing from photo ref.

Also doing a lot of experimentation at the moment.

Tried using the line work approach with the ant sketch, 1 very gestural rough sketch then one refinement and then added in some light etc, prob change the feet when i get round to begin painting it.

doberman form sketch

Sketch using the method brent demonstrated on his stream of throwing down random brushstrokes then creating something from it.

some quick thumbnails for the enviro challenge here.

Sketchbook sketches.
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