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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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Alien dude.
Elephant study.
eel value and light study.
Ostrich studies.
sargent study.... need to work on faces.
I like those studies.
i dont know how long you take for one of those, but time spent studiing is seldom wasted. so maybe the next study you try to push even further.
you are definitely making progress.
Hey thanks for the advice and stopping by again flo :). I'm gonna do what you suggest but I think for my next study I'm gonna take a still life and see how far I can push it. Need to get back to doing some human anatomy again also.
Some nice stuff in here man. Definitely getting better :). I'm with Flo, a long form study can work wonders for your rendering if nothing else. Forces you to pay attention to little things in a big way. Keep it up :).
Thanks Jake :).

Did a creature applying what I've learnt from the previous studies, wip.
Forgot to post this.
bunch of perspective stuff.
hurt my wrist last weekend so not a lot of work to show this week as been resting it. But here's what I managed to get done.

Still a WIP
Calling this done.

Little Stu.
Tucan study.
Pushed the toucan study further.
Nice stuff man, love the animal studies. Keep hammering those forms and values man, keep it up. ;)
Thanks warburton and I will do :).

Decided I wanted to go back and refresh/remind myself and go over some basic painting techniques using ctrlpaint exercises.

also a study of the planes of the head.
Sketch and then taking the sketch further, wanted to try and create a childrens book type character illustration, so this is the result of that.
Getting the form down for atrenr's design challenge, want to do a kind of burly hiker trader guy so did a quick form study to use as my base.
imagination thing I did last night. Some acrylic paint on the other side of the page is the reason for the darker lines in the middle of some shadow places.
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