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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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character design work for atrenr's challenge
quick ski trouser study which I then tried to apply what I learned to my character design.

progress on the character design.
some imagination sketches from last night.
cat character update.
experimenting with brown paper envelope.

Bridgman Studies.
Cowboy Cat image, calling it done.

a sketch I spent too much time on.
Imagination sketch, with a few broken parts lol, might fix it and take it further in photoshop.
More Bridgman.
some progress on the alien warrior.

More Progress spent late into the morning hours last night.
some more progress and reworking the limbs.
done with this.
idea sketch.
looking at he alien he was looking a little washed out so tried to bring back the skin to what it was like before.

Meh ruined it, was better before I did this stuff to it in my last 2 posts.
something a little different.
worked a bit more on the head sketch.
Bunch of stuff from my sketchbook.

one of the heads taken into a full body sketch.
Almost finished this.
study and sketch.
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