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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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@ Warbuton - thanks for dropping by and yes I def should try to do more still life studies to push myself more. Need to get into a a habit of doing them more often.

Some perspective and rendering practice not in a finished state though and another WIP.
quick perspective practice
some quick enviro value thumbs
bunch of fundamental stuff, gesture drawing and a basic pose from mind without ref (the one with the flag).
sketch and gesture sketches.
concept sketch.
Something I'm working on, close to finish.
Hey Jon, nice sketchbook so far, I'm glad you're sticking with it.

So I couldn't help but notice that on a lot of your studies it looks like you're mostly using the soft round brush and are only really blocking in the colors. I suppose it depends if you are wanting to push for realism more or not but I'd suggest spending a little more time on the studies and not just studying the colors or the values but the material itself and the texture. On the alligator/crocodile (I don't know the difference) studies you did for the Beastmasters illustration you didn't study how the scales on an alligator look and wrap around the body or anything.

And with different materials and textures it calls for a different value range here and there, it seems to me like you've got the blocking of colors in and smoothly rendering things but if you want to get that believability in there you have to start experimenting with that stuff. Textures can really help express form too, I mean just look at some of Dave Rapoza's paintings, a lot of his images have some rough texture to the materials where light can either be slightly blocked off by or seen slightly more of.

Anyway, mess around with that I think it will really help. Only other things I could recommend you show a little extra care towards would be value and anatomy. Keep posting :)
gesture sketches from ref and then trying to create gesture sketch from imagination.

Thought I replied to you forrestimel, must not have pressed send, woops lol

anyway thanks for stopping by and for the great advice, I've taken it on board and will apply it in the next few days.
gesture sketches
calling this done.
got some feed back and did a quick paint over of my own image above to check and need to move the second head into a different position.

and here's a study of a snake head.
messy fish study, then a little application
turtle study
Went back and re-worked the turtle sketch/study, I already worked up the sketch too much that I got into rendering it in the previous post. When what I was trying to do was make/practice a presentable line work sketch.
Love that fish from a couple of posts up, and the line work on those figures is awesome, really fluid.
Keep it coming :)
Hey Jake, thanks dude , appreciate you stopping by :).

Some more gesture sketches
Great studies, love the animals :)
Thanks Matija :).

More gestures.
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