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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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line drawing concept sketch
took one of my previous paint sketches further, practicing going straight to colour, under line drawing no greyscale first.
Hi Jon! Thanks for stopping by my SB yesterday.

I am liking how you are setting your characters in perspective. You may want to try and experiment with dynamic poses in perspective, and focus on the overall shapes, and then refine. You can always drop the opacity of your first attempt, and refine over the top without worrying about losing anything you've done.

I like the start on the Charlie character, but he currently doesn't really have any joints, so moving may prove tough. Try creating a layer over the top of the character, and throwing in that next layer of detail. Keep rollin' dude!
Hey Brian, Thanks for stopping by and the crit :). I'll try to implement your advice into my work.

These are a couple random imagination sketches.
Quick sketch from last night before bed.
Moar gestures
Cool stuff. I see you take the time to do nice linework aswell, keep it up. Charlie would make an awesome pet.
Thanks Crackedskull :)

More gestures and an experimental (messy lol)sketch.
cute dragon sketch and some gesture sketches
Goood good, keep pushing! In my opinon you could push those gestures a bit more in terms of quality. Those should be quick 30-60 secound drawings. After a hour you should have a bunch of those ;3 Love the snake painting. Waiting for more!
good practice! and ramalooke is right, dont do just 5 or 6 gesture, do 20 or 50 or more!
What always help me when doing gestures is to feel and draw the movement of the figure directly.
Without worrying about constructing a figure, just draw enough lines to capture the movement.
Mm, dont know if i´m explaining myself correctly. xD
You could always visit he has some really nice video tutorials about gesture drawing.
Thanks Eduardo and Ramalooke :) I'll be sure to push myself more with the gestures.

Sketch,, has a few issues that need tweaking but i dont have time now gotta get ready for work.

Needed to get back into this at least with a sketch a day as I have a non-art related day job now ( :( gotta pay the bills and what not) and got super lazy. So gonna try and post up a minimum of a sketch a day in my sketchbook.
todays quick imagination sketch

Work in progress using the above dragon sketch.
Todays sketch
today's imagination sketches, yesterdays wasn't worth showing.
Sketches from my little throwaway sketchbook, experimenting with this type of sketching.
colour study before work.
More experimenting in mini sketchbook
hey jon thanks for your words man, i saw what you have done good stuff, loved your notebook sketches gotta push it to the limit :P salutes!
@mrjovi Thank You!!

sketch i started before work today (gtg soon so cant continue)
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